CA: Hunter Biden indicted on tax charges in new criminal case

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Hunter Biden has been indicted on nine tax charges in California, becoming the second indictment against the president’s son, adding fuel to a scandal that Republicans have been seizing on in the lead-up to the 2024 election. The state charges on Thursday follow federal firearms charges in Delaware alleging Biden unlawfully [sic] obtained a revolver in October 2018 after he falsely stated he was not using narcotic drugs. The new charges include three felonies and six misdemeanor offenses, and Biden faces a possible 17-year sentence if convicted. … The state charges come as Republicans in Congress have pushed forward with a possible impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden in connection with his son’s scandals.” (12/07/23)

What should happen when fuel-efficient vehicles take over the roads

Source: Orange County Register
by Veronique de Rugy

“The government has a dilemma: It’s pushing hard for fuel-efficient vehicles, but gas taxes pay for roads. There’s an obvious fix, but are Americans ready for it? … My solution to the whole mess is to get the federal government out of infrastructure spending and financing in the first place and put the responsibility where it belongs: with states, municipalities and the private sector. But considering the low probability that this idea will see the light of day, we should next consider a user-fee system designed to charge drivers by the mile. Mileage-based user fees would ensure that those who use the infrastructure the most contribute proportionately more to its construction, maintenance and improvement. Such a design aligns with the fundamental principle of user fees, linking payments directly to a person or entity’s actual usage and providing a fair and equitable funding structure.” (12/07/23)

Denmark: Parliament adopts law banning Quran burnings

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatari state media]

“Denmark’s parliament has passed a bill that makes it illegal to burn copies of the Quran in public places after protests in Muslim nations over the desecration of Islam’s holy book raised security concerns. The bill, which prohibits ‘inappropriate treatment of writings with significant religious importance for a recognised religious community,’ was passed with 94 votes in favour and 77 opposed in the 179-seat Folketing on Thursday. In practical terms, it will be forbidden to burn, tear or otherwise defile holy texts publicly or in videos intended to be disseminated widely. Those who break the law risk a fine or up to two years in prison. Before it takes effect, Queen Margrethe needs to formally sign it. That is expected to happen this month.” (12/07/23)

The Schizotocracy, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The New Normal Reich

Source: Consent Factory, Inc.
by CJ Hopkins

“Well, 2023 is almost in the books, and things couldn’t be going better for the New Normal Reich. It’s been a long, strange seven years, but we’re finally back to the Global War on Terror, which, as you may recall, was abruptly preempted in 2016 by the War on Populism, which, as you may recall, was abruptly preempted in 2020 by the Apocalyptic Pandemic, which, as you may recall, was what ushered The New Normal Reich into being and brought us full-circle. … Islamic terrorism, Russia, Trump, disinformation, racism, hate speech, conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, anti-vaxxerism, transphobians, Communists, cultural Marxists, radical wokesters, the Cult of Musk, neo-Covidians, Zionazis, climate-change deniers, decapitated baby rapers … it doesn’t really matter. Pick an enemy and join the Roman Orgy of Hatred! The schizotocracy couldn’t care less which side of whatever you think you are on.” (12/07/23)

Iraq: US embassy attacked with rockets, no casualties

Source: Reuters

“The U.S. embassy in Baghdad was attacked with two salvos of rockets on Friday morning but there were no casualties, an embassy spokesperson said. The attack was believed to have been carried out by Iran-aligned militias in Iraq, the spokesperson said. No group immediately claimed responsibility. It was the first reported rocket attack against the embassy since an umbrella group of Iran-aligned Shi’ite Muslim militias initiated attacks against U.S. forces on military bases in Iraq and neighbouring Syria in mid-October.” (12/08/23)

The White House Goes Rogue: Secret Surveillance Program Breaks All the Laws

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by John Whitehead

“The government wants us to believe that we have nothing to fear from its mass spying programs as long as we’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t believe it. It doesn’t matter whether you obey every law. The government’s definition of a ‘bad’ guy is extraordinarily broad, and it results in the warrantless surveillance of innocent, law-abiding Americans on a staggering scale. For instance, it was recently revealed that the White House, relying on a set of privacy loopholes, has been sidestepping the Fourth Amendment by paying AT&T to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement to access — without a warrant — the phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime. This goes way beyond the NSA’s metadata collection program.” (12/07/23)

The Official Story Of October Seventh

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“The official story is that on October 7, 2023, thousands of evil Hamas terrorists broke out of their walled-in enclave and killed approximately 1,200 Israelis for no reason other than because they were evil and wanted to kill Jews. Nothing was done by the Israeli government to provoke this attack, and nothing of any relevance happened prior to this date. The attack was as undefended as could possibly be; Israeli defense forces did not respond for nine hours despite having received ample warning that an attack was coming for months, from both their own intelligence services and from Egyptian intelligence. … This is all perfectly normal and not suspicious at all. Also not at all suspicious is the fact that 100 percent of the 1,200 Israeli deaths on October 7 are being attributed to Hamas despite Israeli media and eyewitness testimony reporting that the IDF was firing indiscriminately into areas full of Israelis.” (12/07/23)

Disgraced former president appeals court loss on immunity claim, seeks pause

Source: USA Today

“Donald Trump is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that he isn’t protected by presidential immunity from criminal charges tied to his alleged interference in the 2020 election. The former president filed the appeal Thursday along with a request for a pause in his criminal proceedings while the appeals court considers his arguments. His trial in the case is currently scheduled to begin in March. … U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan rejected a series of arguments from Trump to have the case dismissed, including that he can’t be prosecuted because his alleged actions were ‘at the heart of his official responsibilities as President.’ ‘Defendant’s four-year service as Commander in Chief did not bestow on him the divine right of kings to evade the criminal accountability that governs his fellow citizens,’ Chutkan said in her Dec. 1 ruling.” (12/07/23)

Why Rome’s Best Emperor Shunned Government Schools

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Lawrence W Reed

“The great classical scholar Edith Hamilton noted that the ancient Greeks frowned upon their Roman counterparts in regards to education. The former adopted public (government) schooling while the Romans left education to the family in the home. The snooty Greeks thought Romans were backward and unsophisticated. The Romans, of course, conquered the Greeks. For most of the five centuries of the Republic, Romans were schooled at home where virtues of honor, character, and citizenship were emphasized. Not until the Republic’s last century or so did anything resembling government schooling emerge. Moreover, it was never so centralized, universal, and mandatory as it is in our society today. The English academic and cleric Teresa Morgan, in a 2020 paper titled ‘Assessment in Roman Education,’ writes, ‘In no stage of its history did Rome ever legally require its people to be educated on any level.'” (12/07/23)