OK: Homeowner’s son-in-law shoots intruder

Source: Fox 23 News

“Police say an elderly woman saw a stranger on her porch and called 911. The resident’s son-in-law, who lives next door, armed himself to confront the intruder. The son-in-law attempted to hold the suspect for the police, but ran away. The suspect was then shot in the lower extremities and life flighted to a Tulsa hospital, police say. The shooter cooperated with police and the incident is currently under investigation.” (03/02/24)


Bitcoin briefly hits $64k

Source: Forbes India [India]

“On February 28, the price of Bitcoin briefly surpassed $64,000 before pulling back towards the $62,000 level. The price movement witnessed this month is linked to the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, associated with significant upward price movements. The upsurge has also been credited to heightened inflows into newly established spot Bitcoin ETFs. … Bitcoin is presently short of 13 percent of reaching its all-time peak value, with both retail and institutional investors anticipating a surpassing of the record $68,900 level before the upcoming supply halving, slated to happen in approximately 52 days.” (03/01/24)


UK: Galloway wins parliament seat with Gaza agenda, vows to take on Labour

Source: Reuters

“Veteran left-wing political maverick George Galloway was elected as the new lawmaker for the English town of Rochdale on Friday, vowing to be a thorn in the side for the opposition Labour Party over Gaza before a national election it is tipped to win. After running a pro-Palestinian campaign, Galloway won over many of Rochdale’s Muslim community by attacking both Labour and Britain’s governing Conservatives for supporting Israel in its war against Hamas, making a foreign conflict the major issue – unusual in a by-election where local concerns usually dominate. Elected to parliament for the seventh time, Galloway will be an irritant to Labour, a party he once belonged to before being ejected for criticising then-prime minister Tony Blair over the Iraq war.” (03/01/24)


US regime looking into possible airdrops of aid into Gaza, officials say

Source: Yahoo! News

“The United States is looking into possible airdrops of aid into Gaza as the humanitarian crisis there deepens and assistance fails to reach the people in the war-torn strip, two US officials told CNN on Wednesday. US officials have consistently said much more must be done in order for critically needed assistance to reach those in Gaza, where more than 2 million people are at “imminent risk” of famine, according to the United Nations. One US official said the prospect of airdrops is being seriously considered based on the conditions on the ground.” [editor’s note: IF the US regime insists on being involved in the Gaza war at all — it shouldn’t, including funding and arming the Israelis — it should simply let the Israeli regime know that any IDF elements interfering in any way with ground delivery of aid will be destroyed – TLK] (03/01/24)


Iranian regime launches “domestically developed” imaging satellite from Russia

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatari state media]

“Russia has launched an Iranian-made research satellite into orbit amid rising tensions with the West. The Pars 1 remote sensing and imaging satellite was launched on Thursday by a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome and will scan Iran’s topography from an orbit of 310 miles (500km), according to the official IRNA news agency. Iran’s Telecommunications Minister Issa Zarepour said Pars-I was ‘fully domestically developed.’ Iran claimed it had simultaneously launched three satellites into orbit in January using its own rocket, nearly a week after the launch of a research satellite by its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).” (02/29/24)


MI: Amash announces Republican bid for US Senate seat

Source: SFGate

“Former U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, who left the GOP in 2019 after calling for the impeachment of then-President Donald Trump, announced a Republican bid for Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat Thursday. Amash represented Grand Rapids from 2011 to 2021, and he becomes the third former U.S. representative to join the Republican field vying for Michigan’s open Senate seat. Former U.S. Reps. Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer have also announced Republican campaigns, as has businessman Sandy Pensler. ‘I’m convinced that no candidate would be better positioned to win both the Republican primary and the general election,’ Amash said on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter. ‘That’s why, today, I’m making it official: I’m joining the race for United States Senate in Michigan.’ The decision to jump into the Republican primary comes after Amash left the party to become a[ Libertarian]. He had been the lone House Republican to support a Trump impeachment inquiry in 2019.” (02/29/24)


South Korea: Doctors on strike face arrest if they do not return to work

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“South Korea’s government is threatening to take legal action against thousands of striking junior doctors and revoke their medical licences if they do not return to work on Thursday. Around three quarters of the country’s junior doctors have walked out of their jobs over the past week, causing disruption and delays to surgeries at major teaching hospitals. The trainee doctors are protesting government plans to admit drastically more medical students to university each year, to increase the number of doctors in the system. South Korea has one of the lowest doctor-to-patient ratios among developed countries, and with a rapidly aging population, the government is warning there will be an acute shortage within a decade.” (02/29/24)


TX: Wildfire becomes largest in state history, “critical” fire weather to return

Source: Axios

“The Smokehouse Creek Fire in Hutchinson County increased to a staggering 1.075,000 acres and was just 3% contained as of Thursday morning. The fire, which began as a fast-moving grass fire on Tuesday and exploded in size, is now the largest in state history. Another blaze, the much smaller 687 Reamer fire, had also spread into the footprint of the Smokehouse Creek fire, effectively merging the two blazes. The fire also has extended into Oklahoma. There has been one fatality associated with it, an 83-year-old grandmother that the AP reported was killed in Stinnett, Texas. … There are fears the fire could spread again at a rapid clip when warmer, windier conditions return this weekend.” (02/29/24)


California could see 10 feet of snow as Sierra Nevada braces for blizzard with up to 100 mph winds

Source: NBC News

“March will roar in like a lion for the West Coast, where the Sierra Nevada is about to be blasted by a multiday blizzard that begins Thursday night and will last until Sunday. At the peak of the storm, some locations — like Donner Pass in California and Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border — could experience snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour and ferocious wind gusts of 50 to 100 mph for 72 hours straight. Given this will be such a cold and windy storm, the blinding snow could snarl a large stretch of the heavily traveled I-80 corridor and greatly affect communities as low as the Sierra foothills.” (02/29/24)


AL: House passes bill to protect IVF

Source: Politico

“Alabama’s GOP-controlled House voted Thursday to give doctors who provide in-vitro fertilization civil and criminal immunity for any death or damage to embryos. The chamber’s vote comes nearly two weeks after the state Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are children, igniting a national debate over how IVF is performed in the U.S. and putting pressure on Republicans grappling with how to convey their views on abortion ahead of the 2024 election. The legislation aims to provide fertility clinics that have paused IVF services since the court’s ruling the legal clarity needed to resume operations, though GOP lawmakers intend to pursue a more thorough review of state laws on the issue.” (02/29/24)