“Fragile Political Moment” No Time to Silence Concerns Over Biden, Say Progressives

Source: Common Dreams

“Progressives on Sunday pushed back against calls from ‘top Democratic sources’, via CBS News, who said the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump demanded that those pushing to replace President Joe Biden in the presidential race ‘stand down.’ Sources within the Democratic Party, said CBS News correspondent Robert Costa, ‘believe that those Democrats who have concerns about President Biden are now standing down politically [and] will back President Biden because of this fragile political moment. All of that talk about the debate faded almost instantly’ after one person was killed and a bullet grazed Trump’s right ear at his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday, according to Costa.” (07/14/24)


UK: King Charles III to visit Australia & Samoa as he recovers from cancer

Source: SFGate

“King Charles III is preparing to visit Australia and Samoa in October, an itinerary that will span 12 time zones and test the monarch’s stamina as he recovers from cancer treatment. The trip, announced on Sunday by Buckingham Palace, marks a watershed moment for the 75-year-old king, who has been slowly returning to public duties after taking a break following his cancer diagnosis in early February. … The trip will mark the first time since he ascended the throne that Charles will visit one of the 14 countries outside the United Kingdom where the British monarch remains head of state, a link that is a source of pride for some but an unwelcome reminder of Britain’s colonial dominance for others.” (07/14/24)


Goldman challenges Fed’s demand it hold more capital after stress test

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“Goldman Sachs has lodged an appeal with the US Federal Reserve challenging its result in the regulator’s most recent ‘stress test, which is set to force the Wall Street bank to hold a greater amount of capital, according to people familiar with the matter. The appeal advances the issues that Goldman chief executive David Solomon expressed publicly two weeks ago, when he argued the Fed’s results did not reflect the work the bank had done to make its business more stable. Goldman and the Fed declined to comment.” (07/14/24)


Secret Service chief Kimberly Cheatle facing mounting calls to resign after “total security breakdown” at Trump rally

Source: New York Post

“Calls are mounting for the resignation of Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle after the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Critics claim Cheatle dropped the ball on security measures at Saturday’s Trump rally — saying she has been too focused on woke ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ policies, such as making sure the department is 30 percent women by 2030, to take care of the agency’s more crucial business. They note she even allowed a YouTube influencer to train with agents last year. Cheatle, 53, served 28 years in the Secret Service and was part of its protective detail guarding then-Vice President Dick Cheney before she left to become head of global security at PepsiCo. She returned to the agency when President Biden appointed her to its top post in 2022.” [editor’s note: I vuss juss following zee orders … – SAT] (07/14/24)


Palestine: Hamas says Gaza cease-fire talks haven’t paused and claims military chief survived Israeli strike

Source: ABC News

“Hamas said Sunday that Gaza cease-fire talks continue and the group’s military commander is in good health, a day after the Israeli military targeted Mohammed Deif with a massive airstrike that local health officials said killed at least 90 people, including children. Deif’s condition remained uncertain after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday night ‘there still isn’t absolute certainty’ he was killed. Hamas representatives gave no evidence to back up their assertion about the health of a chief architect of the Oct. 7 attack that sparked the war. … Hamas rejected the idea that mediated cease-fire discussions had been suspended after the strike.” (07/14/24)


CA report: Almost half of Berkeley restaurants weren’t inspected last year

Source: SFGate

“An audit report published Wednesday revealed that almost half of Berkeley’s restaurants were not inspected for food safety last year due to a ‘chronically understaffed’ inspection team. The report evaluated Berkeley’s Environmental Health Division and its ability to comply with food facility inspection requirements. The city came in second in the state for the highest percentage of uninspected food facilities, trailing only San Francisco, which neglected 51% of its inspections in 2023. According to the audit, 45% of Berkeley’s food facilities, including 193 restaurants, were not inspected at all last year. Though restaurants are the largest uninspected group, the percentage also includes food markets, catering operations, temporary food facilities and boarding houses. Berkeley’s low inspection rate drastically differs from the rest of Alameda County, where only 3% of the food facilities went uninspected last year. Berkeley has its own health department and food inspection program, separate from the county, the report states.” (07/14/24)


Falcon 9 program grounded as FAA, SpaceX investigate launch failure

Source: United Press International

“SpaceX’s prolific Falcon 9 rocket was grounded after a rare malfunction resulted in a failed satellite mission in California. The reusable Falcon 9 booster, which has powered numerous Starlink missions as well as crewed flights for NASA and the International Space Station, experienced an issue during the launch Thursday night of 20 Starlink satellites from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, according to a thread on X. During flight, the Falcon 9’s second-stage booster did not complete its second burn as intended, causing the batch of satellites to be deployed into a lower than desirable orbit, SpaceX said. The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday the missions are halted, including in Florida, as the agency and SpaceX investigate.” (07/14/24)


Dem congressman says staff member no longer employed for “don’t miss next time” post

Source: Fox News

“A staff member of Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson is ‘no longer’ in the congressman’s employment after allegedly posting ‘don’t miss next time,’ after the apparent assassination attempt on former President Trump on Saturday evening. ‘I was made aware of a post made by a staff member and she is no longer in my employment,’ Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a statement. The post, which has since been deleted, was allegedly posted by Thompson’s now-former field director Jacqueline Marsaw. The post read, ‘I don’t condone violence but please get you some shooting lessons so you don’t miss next time ooops that wasn’t me talking.'” (07/14/24)


Pakistan: Acquittal for Khan and Wife in Illegal Marriage Case

Source: New York Times

“Former Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan and his wife were acquitted on Saturday in a case that accused them of unlawful marriage, the latest in a string of legal victories for the embattled leader ousted from power two years ago. However, he is unlikely to be immediately released from prison, where he has been held for nearly a year, as the authorities have recently suggested that he will face new charges. Earlier in the week, his prospects for bail dimmed in a case over accusations that he had incited violent riots and that his supporters had ransacked several military installations last May.” (07/13/24)


CA: Lawyer for Oakland mayor says FBI raid will “unfairly” influence recall

Source: SFGate

“Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao is back in the spotlight. Only this time, she’s on offense. Her attorney, Jeff Tsai, released a statement Friday that criticized the FBI for the timing of its raid on Thao’s home in Oakland’s Lincoln Highlands neighborhood on June 20, saying the agency’s actions could influence voters in the mayor’s upcoming recall election. ‘[T]he Justice Department’s dramatic step – without any public explanation or justification – just months before a major recall election has now unquestionably affected the election and unfairly influenced the decision voters will have this November,’ Tsai said. Days before the raid, a group attempting to recall Thao announced that it had gathered enough signatures to place a recall election on a ballot later this year” (07/12/24)