We Approach State Singularity

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Bruce Pardy

“We are approaching state singularity: the moment when state and society become indistinguishable. In physics, a ‘singularity’ is a single point in space-time. Inside black holes, gravity crushes volume to zero and mass density is infinite. In computer science, ‘technological singularity’ is unitary artificial superintelligence. At the singularity, everything becomes one thing. Data points converge. Normal laws do not apply. At state singularity, the state becomes society and society is a product of the state. Legal norms and expectations become irrelevant. The state’s mandate is to do as it judges best – since everything and everyone are expressions of its vision.” (06/15/24)


Behold The World Gently

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“The dead children don’t affect me like they used to. The images. The videos. They still disturb and horrify, but not like they did in the beginning. Not anywhere close. And, honestly, I hate it. I hate that that part of me has been stolen. As much as I hated having my heart kicked around all day and having nightmares all night, I’d rather have that than this decreased sensitivity. People should not become desensitized to such horrors. People should not become accustomed to decapitated babies and small, mangled bodies. To corpses run over by tanks. To body parts carried in plastic bags by loved ones. These things should jar you. They should rattle you to your core. But they don’t anymore.” (06/14/24)


Courts, guns, and trouble

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The Blaze reports on the SCOTUS 6-3 decision to overturn the Trump-Biden regulatory interpretation for the BATFE to classify bump-stocks as a method of turning semi-automatic weapons into ‘machine guns.’ The Blaze (and many others) labels this as overturning a ‘bump-stock ban’ that The Donald put into place after the Las Vegas massacre a few years ago. One could call this a victory for common sense. But think about it.” (06/15/24)


“Media Reporting” Now Just More Censorship & Suppression Of Information

Source: The Federalist
by Eddie Scarry

“As the left-wing Media Matters for America buckles under the weight of a delightfully crushing defamation lawsuit brought by Elon Musk — hope he wins! — it’s probably a good time for that trash outlet’s deep-pocket donors to consider spending their money elsewhere; not just because MMFA is a satanic organization that employs a bunch of otherwise unskilled dopes, but because so much of what was formerly known as ‘media reporting’ is now simply more censorship and suppression of right-wingers, which is exactly what MMFA does.” (06/14/24)


What the Swiss “peace summit” can realistically achieve

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Anatol Lieven

“The Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’ in Geneva this weekend is not really a summit and is not really about peace. The agenda has been scaled back to discussions of limited measures aimed not at ending the war, but at softening some of its aspects. Outside Europe, very few international leaders are attending — including President Biden, who is sending Vice President Kamala Harris and national security adviser Jake Sullivan instead. Of the 10 points in the Ukrainian government’s ‘peace plan,’ only three will be formally discussed — though President Zelensky will presumably still seek to promote all of them at the meeting. Ukraine’s demands for complete Russian military withdrawal, war crimes trials, reparations for war damages, and security guarantees have all been omitted from the agenda.” (06/14/24)


Dead Man’s Hand: Betting on Biden and Trump

Source: CounterPunch
by Matthew Stevenson

“Since presidential voting leads to such unhappiness (Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six races, but it has hardly slowed them down), perhaps the Constitution should be amended so that the winning candidate is the one with the best betting odds at midnight on election night? Maybe to lend the exercise the air of republican virtue, the Electoral College — in making its decision — could weigh all of the major online betting sites, such FanDuel, DraftKings, and Bet365.” (06/14/24)


Biden Prioritizes US Imperial Ambition Over Palestinian Rights

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus
by Edward Hunt

“While Israel continues its military siege of Gaza, the United States is trying to exploit the situation with the goal of strengthening U.S. power in the Middle East. Rather than seeking a long-term solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the United States is prioritizing its longstanding goal of normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. With such a deal, which would require calm in Gaza to bring Saudi Arabia on board, the United States would further marginalize the Palestinians while more tightly integrating Israel into its regional network of alliances and partnerships. … For decades, the United States has dominated the Middle East. A key to U.S. power has been the U.S.-led network of alliances and partnerships that includes Israel and the Arab states.” (06/15/24)


Equalize, or Minimize?

Source: EconLog
by Kevin Corcoran

“Suppose you live in a world where there is a military draft. In addition, let’s stipulate that a military draft is unjust. (If you’re in favor of a draft and find yourself resisting the thought experiment on those grounds, just substitute the draft for some other policy you would consider unjust.) However, not every citizen is eligible for the draft. Only half the population can be drafted. Let’s say the basis for who is eligible is something completely arbitrary – those who were born on even numbered days are eligible to be drafted, while those who are born on odd numbered days are exempt from the draft. Let’s say that ending the draft is outside the Overton window – there is no realistic chance this policy can be revoked. However, you are in the unique position of being able to modify the draft with some kind of executive order.” (06/14/24)


How to End the War in Gaza

Source: The Jolly Libertarian
by Marco den Ouden

“Amid all the recriminations tossed back and forth in the current Gaza imbroglio, the obvious solution for a lasting peace has been overlooked. It’s a solution that has been used before with much success. And it can be used again. But first a short lesson from history.” (06/14/24)