Return of the “Student Loan Forgiveness” Vote-Buying Scheme

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“On February 21, the Biden administration announced a new $1.2 billion round of student loan forgiveness, with president Joe Biden personally notifying the 153,000 beneficiaries by email. ‘I hope this relief gives you a little more breathing room,’ Biden wrote. … Biden’s hoping for ‘breathing room,’ all right — but more for himself and his party than for those student borrowers. Borrowers aren’t unimportant, of course. But Biden isn’t really looking at 153,000 borrowers. He’s looking at 153,000 VOTERS. Plus a previous 3.9 million. Plus all of those voters’ parents, spouses, children, and other loved ones who probably like the reduced monthly hit on their household incomes. Like previous rounds, this latest write-off is a $1.2 billion campaign expenditure, one that doesn’t have to come out of the Biden campaign’s $56 million in cash reserves, or be raised with  donation drives.” (02/22/24)

Refusing To Admit US Foreign Policy Blunders

by Ted Galen Carpenter

“A recurring defect in US foreign policy is a refusal by elites to concede when they made a serious policy mistake. This is not a new problem, but it has grown decidedly worse in the past few decades. It characterized the intervention in Vietnam years after it should have become evident that Washington’s approach was failing. Even one of the few worthwhile lessons from the bruising Vietnam experience proved only to be temporary; The U.S. should not get involved in murky civil wars. A generation later, the United States had embarked on forceable nation building missions in both the Balkans and the Middle East. The subsequent interventions in Libya and Syria were even less defensible because Washington already had the Iraq fiasco as fresh evidence that the Vietnam failure was not unique.” (02/22/24)

Is another Child Tax Credit expansion really the best way to help families?

Source: Orange County Register
by Veronique de Rugy

“In the well-intentioned rush to support American families by expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC), critical questions are often ignored: Aren’t we already doing enough, and is this the best way to help? It’s imperative to step back and examine the assumptions at the heart of this ongoing debate. The child tax credit was first introduced in the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act as a way to lower the tax burden for working families, with a $500 per child credit. It was increased a few times …. The justification has morphed into whatever its advocates happen to think it should be: It’s an anti-poverty program — hence its refundability. It’s a pro-family program — hence its growing size. It’s a fertility booster program — hence both its size and refundability. While it’s not that great at meeting any of these goals, it is a true budget buster.” (02/22/24)

Israel-Palestine Isn’t “Complicated”; You Just Support Killing Palestinians

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“The Julian Assange extradition appeal hearing concluded on Wednesday, with no date yet set for a verdict. The entire thing was plagued by media access issues, which has been a constant in every Assange court hearing in every courtroom I can remember. … At a certain point you have to rule out incompetence and assume it’s deliberate. It’s wild to think we could be close to seeing Assange whisked away and disappeared from public view for the rest of his life because he committed the crime of good journalism. … Keep in mind when you read that the US is attempting to jail a journalist for exposing war crimes, that because of Gaza you actually now know what war crimes look like in real life. War crimes are the absolute worst of crimes where the most powerful prey on the most vulnerable. We absolutely must be able to expose them.” (02/22/24)

Alabama’s highest court declared frozen embryos people. The US Supreme Court is to blame

Source: Los Angeles Times

“The Alabama court held last week that fertilized ova cryogenically preserved for couples having difficulty conceiving are legally and morally equivalent to newborn babies and, for that matter, 20-year-old adults. According to the court, all are human beings protected under Alabama law to precisely the same extent. … Alabama’s largest hospital announced Wednesday that it would no longer offer would-be parents in vitro fertilization procedures due to the substantial threat of criminal liability for mishandling fertilized eggs. Other providers followed suit Thursday. Medical personnel who try to help couples conceive have been suddenly recast by the courts as potential murderers. The immediate consequences don’t end there. Women who use intrauterine devices or morning-after pills, which can affect fertilized eggs, are in the eyes of Alabama law rank baby killers.” editor’s note: Embryos are, by biological definition, “human beings.” Whether they are “persons” is another question – TLK] (02/22/24)

Despite media spin, still overwhelming evidence Joe Biden knew of family’s business dealings

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“Joe Biden and his Praetorian Guard in the media are over the moon about the indictment last week of FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, a US-Israeli dual national accused of having lied to the FBI when he claimed Hunter and Joe Biden each were paid a $5 million bribe by the owner of corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma. For more than three years, Joe Biden has refused to address the avalanche of evidence about his family’s corrupt influence-peddling while he was VP. He has refused to address evidence that he was involved in son Hunter and brother Jim’s lucrative shakedown of shady characters in the world’s most corrupt countries — where he was in charge of US policy. He has lied point-blank when confronted …” (02/21/24)

Contrary to Western Understanding, Islam Is a Liberal Faith

Source: The UnPopulist
by Hassan Abbas & Zahra Hassan

“In the West, Islam has the abiding misfortune of being regularly depicted — in news reports, in popular art — by its most extreme and misinformed adherents. If the idea that Islam and liberalism are compatible seems absurd, it is likely because in the Western imagination Islam is most closely associated with terrorists who cite Islamic ideas as the inspiration for their horrific acts and states who cite Islamic values as the inspiration behind their repressive laws. In its truest essence, though, Islam is a religion of choice — which is the very lifeblood of liberalism.” (02/22/24)

Protect the First Amendment: Impeach Joe Biden!

Source: Campaign For Liberty
by Ron Paul

“Protecting democracy and the Constitution from Donald Trump and the ‘MAGA extremists’ is a major theme of President Biden’s reelection campaign. As is often the case in American politics, President Biden is just as, if not more, guilty of posing an ‘existential threat’ to the Constitution as those he smears as ‘extremists.’ For example, President Biden and members of his administration have waged a campaign to undermine the First Amendment by ‘encouraging’ companies to suppress the expression of ‘unapproved’ views online. The latest example of the administration trying to get a private internet company to censor Americans may be the most outrageous of all.” (02/22/24)

Will student-debt racketeering save Biden in November?

by James Bovard

“The White House boasted that ‘the President has cancelled more student debt than any President in history.’ Team Biden has not explained how the president became the Czar of All Debts, personally entitled to shift endless burdens from individual borrowers onto taxpayers in general. Biden’s student-loan racketeering is becoming almost comically brazen. The beneficiaries of his latest decree will receive a personal email from Uncle Joe …. This is even more shameless than Biden’s switcheroo before the 2022 midterm congressional elections. The prez swayed legions of young people to vote for Democrats with a student-debt-forgiveness scheme he should have known the Supreme Court would nullify. Given the growing desperation of his re-election campaign, the next step for Team Biden could be using voice-cloning software to fabricate personal voicemails from the president to millions of student borrowers.” (02/22/24)

Panic at Sea

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“The Chinese regime, ‘in response to the recent deaths of two Chinese fisherman, whose speedboat … capsized while being pursued by Taiwanese authorities for allegedly trespassing in restricted waters,’ has threatened to ‘step up maritime law enforcement around Taiwan’s outlying Kinmen islands,’ explains the magazine. Kuan Bi-ling, head of Taiwan’s Ocean Affairs Council, said the incident ’caused unnecessary ‘public panic.’’ A bit dramatic for just checking people’s IDs. But context is everything. After all, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has repeatedly threatened a military invasion that would inevitably kill thousands upon thousands of Taiwanese. And China’s ever-growing military constantly stalks Taiwan, regularly encircling the island with its warships and planes. The concern of Taiwanese officials is that China’s stepping up its harassment campaign.” (02/22/24)