Free Talk Live, 01/20/22

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“The midwifery bill in New Hampshire :: Is the FTC going to sue New Hampshire over midwifery? :: Central bank digital currencies :: You aren’t free; you’re lucky :: Sarah’s Multi-level marketing thing :: A long joke with no payoff :: California can’t shut down gun stores during a pandemic :: Caller wants to mansplain the Crypto Six to Aria :: The Free State Project :: Show: 2022-01-20 Aria, Matt, Bonnie.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/20/22)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 01/20/22

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“Free speech is far more than just a lofty ideal or a convenient loophole. It’s an essential part of your freedom of conscience. The editorial board at Issues & Insights warns about the murdering of free speech in America.” [various formats] (01/20/22)