Free Talk Live, 07/28/21

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“You go, Simone Biles :: The only good cop :: CA bans gaming PCs :: New South Wales lockdown :: Relative and absolute risk reduction :: Greg talks about Intellectual Property again :: Cop blocking :: Major Pain’s interpretation of events :: Discrimination against a trans woman :: Show: 2021-07-28 Aria, Angie, Nikki.” [Flash audio or MP3] (07/28/21)

The Science of Politics, episode 100

Source: Niskanen Center

“For a special edition celebrating the 100th episode of the Science of Politics, Matt talks with Ezra Klein about how well political science informs American politics and public policy.” [various formats] (07/28/21)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 07/28/21

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“As the democratic political process continues to devolve into tribal warfare, there’s an abundance of craziness going around. Robert Weissberg has an excellent take on how the internet is contributing to our unhinged political atmosphere. It’s enough to make you rethink how much time you spend online.” [various formats] (07/28/21)