Free Talk Live, 05/15/22

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“Jury Finds Officers at Fault for Failing to Stop Fellow Cops from Beating Innocent Teen :: Free market police services :: What is life and when does it begin? :: More opinions on abortion :: How to show resistance through activism :: David in NM harshes our buzz :: 10yo Girl Reports Her Police Officer Dad for Sexually [sic] Abuse, Fellow Cops Covered It Up :: Show: 2022-05-15 Captain Kickass, Steve Clasic, Steve Kahuna.” [Flash audio or MP3] (05/15/22)

The Anarchist Experience, episode 371

Source: The Anarchist Experience

“After a brief conversation about Elon, Rich, MC, and KS get into these HEADLINES: Baby Formula: Thank Protectionists and the FDA for the Shortage … NYC Mayor Defends Kidnapping, Strip Searching Mother for Selling Fruit Without Paying the City First … Aurora dog bark law: City limits how long a dog can bark.” [various formats] (05/14/22)