The Bryan Hyde Show, 09/16/21

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“Not to sound dramatic but of all the challenges we’re facing at the moment, one of the toughest for me is knowing who to believe and what numbers can be trusted. For instance, The Atlantic (hardly a far-right media source) is beginning to point out that our most reliable pandemic number is losing meaning after a major study shows asymptomatic and mild cases of Covid are being admitted to hospitals.” [various formats] (09/16/21)

Free Talk Live, 09/15/21

Source: Free Talk Live

“People are turning to psychedelics :: NH Exit update :: Psychedelics and ketamine for depression :: Philadelphia police brutality settlement :: If you sat at home during the pandemic, shut up and stop trying to tell people what to inject in their bodies :: Hospitals closing due to losing employees over vaccine mandates :: Security isn’t important in the I.T. world :: Radio show refuses to play artists who aren’t vaccinated :: Show: Aria, Nikki, Lori.” [Flash audio or MP3] (09/15/21)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 09/15/21

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“Hurrah for equality! We’re drawing ever closer to the reality that everyone — including our daughters — will be required to register for the draft. Lawrence M. Vance reminds us that outrage over drafting women to send to war may be distracting us from the immorality of conscription itself.” [various formats] (09/15/21)