Two Myths about the Green Card Recapture and Advanced Adjustment of Status

Source: Niskanen Center
by Jeremy L Neufeld

“The legal immigration provisions in the House version of reconciliation help families and a diverse population of immigrant applicants. As the Senate debates whether to include provisions addressing the immigrant backlog in the Build Back Better Act, some lawmakers have raised concerns that they are too narrow to be worth considering on their own (that is, if not included in a larger package addressing undocumented immigrants). This comes from a perception that they would primarily be a handout to businesses — or, to the extent they would help immigrants, only a narrow group (predominantly Indians). But in truth, the House provisions would represent much-needed relief to a diverse group of immigrants and their families.” (10/25/21)

The Next Democratic Crusade: Taxing Hypothetical Income

Source: Commentary
by Noah Rothman

“In their ongoing struggle to write a reconciliation bill jam-packed with social reforms (which Democrats hope to send to the president’s desk in less than a week), the party is now toying with the idea of a tax on the ‘unrealized gains’ enjoyed by wealthy investors. That is to say, money that exists only on paper. The plan — to the extent that there is a plan — is to tax the liquid assets of people with more than $1 billion in assets based on the capital gains they would have paid if they had cashed out on their investments, including stocks and even real estate. … Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen insists that this is not a ‘wealth tax,’ per se, but merely a tax on the speculative investments of the very wealthy. The rhetorical brilliance is already blinding.” (10/25/21)

Japan: Princess Mako marries fiance in Tokyo, gives up royal title

Source: United Press International

“Japan’s Princess Mako, the niece of Emperor Naruhito, gave up her royal title on Tuesday by marrying her college boyfriend in a ceremony devoid of the typical fanfare that accompany royal weddings in Tokyo. The oldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, Mako married her fiance Kei Komuro after a lengthy engagement that saw the couple separated for three years. In accordance with Japanese Imperial Household Law, Mako forfeited her royal title by marrying a commoner. The couple spoke to the press after they were officially married. She said that she wanted a ‘peaceful life’ and that the marriage was a ‘necessary choice.'” (10/26/21)

Your Cell Phone Is Spying on You

Source: Reason
by Brian Doherty

“It’s been nearly a decade since Reason informed you that ‘Your Cellphone is Spying on You.’ A 2019 document from the FBI’s ‘Cellular Analysis Survey Team’ (CAST) project, newly uncovered by the transparency group Property of the People, reminds us of some of the hows and whys. … We live in an age of concern over ‘domestic terrorism’ — and if there’s one thing the years since 9/11 have taught us, it’s that terror investigations often entail the harrassment and surveillance of Americans who have not actually committed a crime but are being probed for the company they keep. At such a time, it’s good to keep in mind what a squealer that little device in your pocket can be.” (10/25/21)

Settled Science

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Remember the blow-up last summer between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Dr. Anthony Fauci over gain-of-function research? Paul charged that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had supported such research in China. ‘Senator Paul,’ Fauci fired back, ‘you don’t know what you are talking about, quite frankly.’ … Last week, the NIH sent a letter to Congress admitting that its grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, laundered through the infamous EcoHealth Alliance, resulted in research that even the NIH acknowledges was gain-of-function. Sen. Paul knew what he was talking about; Dr. Fauci did not.” (10/25/21)

Germany: BMW To Phase Out Fossil-Fuel Burning Engines From Main Plant By 2024

Source: NDTV [India]

“BMW will stop making internal combustion engines at its main plant in Munich by 2024, its head of production said on Friday at a conference marking the start of production of its electric i4 model. The ICE engines currently made in Munich will be produced in BMW’s factories in Austria and the UK in future, production chief Milan Nedeljkovic said, though cars using the engines will still be assembled at the Munich plant. Still, by 2023 at least half the vehicles produced in Munich would be electrified – either battery electric or plug-in hybrid, the company said. BMW has set itself a target for at least 50% of new global car sales to be electric by 2030, and CEO Oliver Zipse said at a conference last week the company would be ready with an all-electric offering if any market banned ICEs by then.” (10/26/21)