Arrogant Narcissism: The Essence Of US Foreign Policy

Source: The American Conservative
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“U.S. leaders routinely intone that the United States stands for a ‘rules-based international order,’ and that Washington has always tried to play its role as benevolent global leader. The reality is decidedly less savory and far more self-centered. Washington’s actual attitude since World War II is one of arrogant national narcissism, and the problem persists in our own era.” (06/23/21)

The Deep State Defeat of Donald Trump

by James Bovard

“‘The Trump-Deep State clash is a showdown between a presidency that is far too powerful versus federal agencies that have become fiefdoms with immunity for almost any and all abuses,’ I wrote in an FFF article a year ago. Since then, Donald Trump lost the 2020 election by fewer than 50,000 votes in a handful of swing states that determined the Electoral College result. There were numerous issues that could drive that relatively small number of votes. But machinations by the Deep State probably cost Trump far more votes than it took to seal his loss.” (06/23/21)

Biden to let communities repurpose COVID relief money toward victim disarmament measures

Source: ABC News

“President Joe Biden plans to announce on Wednesday a range of actions targeting rising gun [ownership], according to the White House, as homicide rates jump heading into the summer months — and Republicans blame him for it. The president will lay out a ‘comprehensive strategy’ that will target law-breaking [sic] gun dealers, provide federal resources to police departments for gun-crime [sic] enforcement and allow communities to repurpose millions of dollars of federal coronavirus relief funding for programs proven to [harass gun owners while not noticeably affecting crime], according to the White House.” (06/23/21)

Biden Looks for a New, New START

Source: Foreign Policy
by Jack Detsch

“When U.S. and Russian negotiators first shook hands on a comprehensive arms control deal in 2010 that put stiff limits on the nuclear stockpiles of the world’s two biggest atomic powers, the White House saw signs of a thaw in the post-Cold War relationship. … But more than a decade later, even though the Biden administration and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top deputies in the Kremlin are optimistic about a follow-up nuclear deal, there’s little hope for any breaking of bread or clinking of glasses. As the U.S. State Department plots its negotiating strategy with the Russians ahead of an expected follow-up arms control talk … the talks are increasingly seen as less of a new start and merely a new starting point for a diminished relationship where the two sides can agree on avoiding nuclear war — but perhaps little else.” (06/22/21)

Mauritania: Former president jailed, faces graft charges

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“Mauritania’s former President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has been jailed after a judge in charge of a corruption probe ordered his incarceration. The ex-leader says he is being persecuted in a bid to keep him out of politics but has vowed he would not go into exile. A prosecutor speaking on condition of anonymity and the spokesman of the former president’s party, Djibril Ould Bilal, confirmed his detention on Tuesday without citing the reason. Aziz has twice gone before a magistrate investigating the case since the charges, including money laundering, were brought in March. The move comes days after the former leader refused to continue reporting to police after being put under house arrest.” (06/23/21)