Free Talk Live, 06/22/21

Source: Free Talk Live

“Welcome to Porkfest / Forkfest Day 1 :: Danny of the Crypto Show :: Manuero :: Benjamin Shaffer of Goldback joins us :: :: Ross Ulbricht & the Silk Road :: NH State Rep Kevin Craig :: Freedom Decrypted :: :: So how is Forkfest, Angie? :: Hosts — Aria, Mark.” [Flash audio or MP3] (06/22/21)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 06/22/21

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“Not to shake your faith in the state but why on earth would California need to approve a $100 million tax-payer bailout of the marijuana industry? As Jon Miltimore explains, this teaches us most everything we need to know about its oppressive taxation and regulation habits.” [various formats] (06/22/21)

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock, 06/21/21

Source: Freedom’s Phoenix

“Ernest Hancock and Mike Swatek (Agorist.Market) talk with Matthew Raymer (CEO on preserving your content from being deplatformed, and the solution in case your content has been removed.” [MP3] (06/21/21)