Record storm slams US west coast as tens of millions on east coast brace for nor’easter

Source: NBC News

“Over the weekend the strongest storm to ever hit the West Coast slammed onshore, packing strong winds, record rainfall and heavy Sierra snow. On the East Coast, tens of millions braced Monday for the season’s first nor’easter. The first days of the week is poised to bring extreme rain to much of the country. In total, more than 90 million people will experience dangerous weather in the form of high winds, flooding rainfall or severe thunderstorms through Wednesday. Over the weekend in California, a storm system dropped to a barometric pressure of 945.2 mb, making it the strongest storm to affect the Pacific Northwest on record. For perspective, this is equivalent to the central pressure you would see with a strong hurricane. In fact, Mammoth Mountain, California, clocked a 111-mph wind gust.” (10/25/21)

Even anti-vaxxers deserve the right to protest

Source: spiked
by Joanna Williams

“National attention is now turning to school anti-vax protesters. Home secretary Priti Patel wants the police to ‘do more’ to crack down on these demonstrations. ‘Freedom to protest is a fundamental part of our democracy,’ Patel says, ‘but it is completely unacceptable for children, teachers or parents to be intimidated and harassed outside their school by protesters peddling misinformation and dangerous lies about the life-saving vaccine programme.’ Labour leader Keir Starmer wants the government to go further. He wants local authorities to have the power to establish ‘exclusion zones’ outside schools preventing anti-vax protests from taking place. … Both Patel and Starmer need to get a grip. School Covid protests are idiotic and a major inconvenience, but they do not necessitate granting sweeping new powers to local authorities.” (10/25/21)

UK: Political prisoner Julian Assange’s fiancee calls CIA murder plot revelation a game-changer

Source: Reuters

“The partner of Julian Assange said on Monday a media report that the CIA had plotted to kill or kidnap the WikiLeaks founder was a game-changer in his fight against extradition from Britain to the United States. U.S. authorities will this week begin their appeal against a British judge’s refusal to extradite Assange — who is wanted on 18 criminal charges including breaking a spying law — because his mental health problems meant he would be at risk of suicide. Last month, Yahoo News reported CIA officials had drawn up options for former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration for dealing with Assange while he was holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, including assassinating or kidnapping him. … U.S. lawyers aim to challenge the ruling against U.S. extradition and the evidence given by a key expert at a two-day High Court appeal hearing in London starting on Wednesday.” (10/25/21)

Democrats’ Teachable Moment

Source: Cato Institute
by Corey A DeAngelis

“President Joe Biden and Gov. Ralph Northam both decisively won Virginia in their last elections by about 10 percentage points. Yet with Election Day approaching, polling shows former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin neck and neck in the race to succeed Northam. What accounts for the shift? Put plainly, Democrats are getting schooled in the importance of educational freedom.” (10/25/21)

Finding what more we can all do

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by Mark Sappenfield

“Once you see the word, you start seeing it everywhere: resilience. If 2020 was the year of turmoil, 2021 might well be the year of resilience. There’s the need for individual resilience amid the pandemic or natural disasters, and there’s a push to build a broader resilience in communities and countries: helping them weather climate change, political dysfunction, or economic shocks. In that spirit, our newest project is called Finding Resilience. You may have already seen stories or attended our webinar discussion earlier this month. The intent is to seek out where resilience is operating and chronicle how people are finding it in themselves and their neighbors.” (10/25/21)

CT: Embattled pol submits resignation to General Assembly

Source: New Haven Register

“State Rep. Michael DiMassa, D-West Haven, submitted his resignation from his lawmaking position to the Secretary of State’s office Monday, five days after being arrested and charged with one count of wire fraud. … According to investigators, DiMassa allegedly abused his position as an administrative assistant in West Haven City Hall to transfer over $636,000 of federal pandemic relief funding to a business bank account, which he then used to purchase chips at Mohegan Sun for gambling purposes.” (10/25/21)

Dressing Up Unprovoked Aggression as “Plan B”

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“A military attack to ‘prevent’ Iran from acquiring something they are not seeking is many things, but it is not a last resort. Attacking Iran to ‘prevent’ a possible future threat is obviously not defensive. It is unprovoked aggression against another country based on an unproven assumption that the targeted government intends to build these weapons. It is worth adding that it would still be an act of aggression even if the Iranian government were actually trying to acquire those weapons, so it would be even more egregious if they were not. This is the same demented logic that led to the invasion of Iraq, which was an illegal war of aggression.” (10/25/21)

Greece: Parliament suspended after party leader’s death

Source: France 24 [French state media]

“Greek socialist party leader Fofi Gennimata has died aged 56. Parliament speaker Constantinos Tassoulas said he had agreed with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to ‘suspend legislative work this week’ and that political parties had also agreed to suspend parliamentary questions. Mitsotakis said a national day of mourning would be held Wednesday for Gennimata, who died of cancer Monday in an Athens hospital. One of the first women in Greece to hold senior political posts, the 56-year-old led a successor party to the once-powerful PASOK movement of three-time Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.” (10/25/21)

Governments Broke the Supply Chains

Source: Brownstone Institute
by John Tamny

“The supply lines of February 2020 were impossibly complicated structures that no politician could ever hope to design. Think billions of individuals around the world pursuing their narrow work specialization on the way to enormous global plenty. Put another way, the shelves in economically free countries were heaving with all manner of products based on economic cooperation that was staggering in scope. Brilliant as some experts claim to be, and brilliant as some politicians think they are as they look in the mirror, they could never construct the web of trillions of economic relationships that prevailed before the lockdowns. But they could destroy the web. And they did; that, or they severely impaired it. In which case let’s please not insult reason by talking about ‘shortages’ or ‘inflation’ now. Let’s instead be realistic and talk about central planning.” (10/25/21)