Libertarianism: A Fifty-Year Personal Retrospective

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Mark Thornton

“This retrospective, covering half a century, is a personal history of modern libertarianism. It provides some historical perspective on the growth of libertarianism and its impact on society, especially for those who were born into an existing libertarian movement, including political and academic paths. As outsiders, Austrians and libertarians can expect more than their share of difficult times and roadblocks, although that situation has improved over time. It also shows the limitations of the political path to liberty and the importance of the Austrian view that society changes via emphasis on sound economic science, its practicality, and its subsequent impact on ideology. Finally, it conveys the importance of solving practical problems and puzzles via the thin, radical version of libertarianism.” (07/22/21)

US Senate braces for debt ceiling fight

Source: The Hill

“Republicans are digging in on the federal debt limit, warning Democrats that it will be up to them to avoid a default as President Biden pushes for trillions more in spending. GOP senators are taking a firm line as Democrats plot a path for their $3.5 trillion spending measure, which the party plans to pass with budget reconciliation rules that will prevent the GOP from blocking it with a filibuster. Given those plans, GOP senators say they won’t lift a finger to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling. [US Senator John Thune (R-SD) said] that if Democrats are going to use a go-it-alone approach to push through a sweeping spending package, which is expected to include other priorities like immigration reform, then Republicans believe ‘the debt limit can ride on it and they can own it all.'” (07/22/21)

ME: Cocaine disguised as cake, cash stolen from vehicle

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“A New York man and a Maine woman are facing charges over cocaine disguised as a cake that was seized from their vehicle, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said Wednesday. Acting on a tip, police stopped the car on Interstate 295 in Gardiner on Tuesday, and a drug-sniffing dog found 4 pounds (2 kilograms) of cocaine worth $200,000 on the street, the MDEA said. Also seized was $1,900 in cash. About 2 pounds of the cocaine was disguised as a marble cake with coffee grounds used to cover up the scent, officials said. The two were released on bail and were expected in court on Wednesday.” (07/22/21)

Courage and Cowardice Aren’t Always Easy to Tell Apart

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Isaac Morehouse

“There’s a funny idea about courage floating around. People get called courageous for loudly denouncing things they believe are evil. But that alone is not courage. Yes, taking a stand against evil can be courageous. But only if it is scary, painful, and costly to do so. If there is no cost, it’s not courage. Most of what gets called courageous has no cost and brings no pain. To denounce as evil something everyone already believes is evil, or something with no power to do you bodily or reputational harm, is not courageous.” (07/22/21)

The Power of Man’s Mind

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Can you communicate with your mind alone, without moving a muscle? Setting aside fantasy and wishful thinking, my answer is, at least presumptively, ‘No.’ But the paralyzed man known as T5 was not alone when the sentences he imagined appeared on screen at a rate of 18 words per minute with an accuracy of about 94 percent. He had the help of inventive scientists. And, by some definitions, I suppose T5 did move a muscle: his brain.” (07/22/21)

Free Talk Live, 07/22/21

Source: Free Talk Live

“TV Show about NH Secession :: Secession Bill :: Free Country? :: Pledge of Allegiance :: John McAfee Dead Man’s Switch :: Goldbacks :: Odysee :: Upcoming NH Mover :: Nobody’s Bail Hearing Tomorrow :: Mr Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gandhi to Visit Court, FBI, Federal Reserve :: Co-Op Apartments :: Val Venis aka Sean Morley v State of Arizona — Case Dismissed! :: Show: 2021-07-22 Ian, Matt, Joa.” [Flash audio or MP3] (07/22/21)

The Strange Case of Attorney General Merrick Garland

Source: Common Dreams
by Mike Lofgren

“For those who were looking forward to obtaining transparency for the incompetent negligence, malfeasance, and reckless disregard for the health and safety of the American people that were the hallmarks of Donald Trump, the prospect of that reckoning has dimmed. Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be working to protect the interests of Trump and all those in his administration who may have broken the law and were investigated in federal grand jury proceedings. Garland’s Justice Department is now advocating that federal judicial procedure should be amended to instate a 50-year ban on grand jury information. What would this mean? Had this proposal been in practice during Watergate, we still would not know until 2023 or 2024 all the facts about Nixon’s crimes that were uncovered by grand juries.” (07/22/21)