Middle East terror kingpin addresses gathering of unregistered foreign agents

Source: Washington Post

“A defiant Benjamin Netanyahu, in an address to a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday, dismissed as ‘utter nonsense’ criticisms by the United Nations, human rights groups and the International Criminal Court that Israel’s government has committed war crimes in Gaza, and he derided pro-Palestinian protesters as ‘idiots’ and tools of Iran. … More than 50 Democratic lawmakers and at least one Republican refused to attend the speech, calling it ‘political theater’ and wishing to distance themselves from a man they have accused of using mass carnage and starvation to carry out genocide.” (07/24/24)


It’s time to talk about Donald Trump’s age

Source: The Hill
by Max Burns

“At 78, former President Donald Trump is now the oldest presidential nominee in American history. If he wins re-election in November, Trump will end his term just a few months shy of his 83rd birthday, making him two years older than President Joe Biden is now. In short, Donald Trump has a serious age problem. … comparing footage from Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement to footage from earlier this year shows that Trump isn’t quite the man he used to be. The former president now routinely confuses names when speaking off the cuff — including the name of his own doctor — and struggled to finish his sentences during a Nashville rally earlier this year. How can the American people be sure Trump’s stumbles aren’t part of a sustained pattern of cognitive decline?” (07/24/24)


Ukraine war: Putin allegedly pulls last Russian vessels from Sea of Azov

Source: Independent [UK]

“Russia has pulled all its vessels out of the Sea of Azov, a body of water connected to the Black Sea, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian navy said. ‘There are no longer any Russian naval vessels in the Sea of Azov,’ spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk said, adding that Moscow has ‘begun to suspect something.’ Ukraine’s successful attacks on targets in Russian-annexed Crimea and elsewhere in the Black Sea have forced the Russian navy to rebase many of its ships elsewhere. Kyiv does not have a specialised naval branch, but has succeeding in taking out 27 of the total 80 warships Russia had in its Black Sea Fleet before the invasion. It has done so by damaging or destroying them using drones, landing ships, missile boats, a submarine and a patrol vessel.” (07/25/24)


“The Problem Is Spending”: Libertarian Presidential Nominee Chase Oliver’s Vision for the Future

Source: Reason
by John Stossel

“Now it’s former President Donald Trump versus Vice President Kamala Harris. But there will be another choice on your ballot: Chase Oliver. Both Trump and former Democrat-turned-independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. addressed the Libertarian Party convention, asking for their nomination, but Oliver won their votes. He’s a 38-year-old political activist and businessman. Rolling Stone called him ‘the most influential libertarian’ because he forced a runoff in Georgia’s last U.S. Senate race. Oliver has interesting ideas that we don’t hear from the major-party candidates. He also explains them better than they usually do.” (07/24/24)


Bitcoin Plunges to $64k as US Tech Rout Hits Crypto

Source: CoinDesk

“Bitcoin (BTC) nosedived over 3% at the start of Asian trading hours amid a broader stock market rout and weakening sentiment for risk assets such as cryptocurrencies. BTC fell from over $65,500 to nearly $64,000 within minutes at the start of Tokyo trading. The sudden plunge led to over $250 million bullish bets being liquidated, the worst hit since early July. The broad-based CoinDesk 20 (CD20), a liquid index tracking the largest tokens by capitalization, minus stablecoins, fell by 3.3%. Ether (ETH) longs lost the most at $100 million, driven by a 7.5% slump in the token amid outflows from the newly launched ETH ETF. … The dive came as U.S. technology stocks took a hit on Wednesday, causing the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index to lose 660 points, its biggest drop since 2022.” (07/25/24)


For Christian Nationalists, Politics Is God

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“As any halfway serious religiously minded person would have predicted, the combination of Christianity and nationalism has profoundly corrupting and trivializing effects on Christianity. The human being being human, he lives in a small world in the here and now …. Eternity feels really far away –although it isn’t, it is already here — whereas the coming election in November feels immediate and urgent. The need to make such contests feel even more immediate and more urgent is why we have all of these amoral entrepreneurs trying to convince your grandfather that this is the most important election in American history …. If your grandfather has a minute to stop and think and turns his eyes toward the eternal things, it is going to be a lot harder for the Heritage Foundation to take $500 from him with one of its gross, dumb, dishonest direct-mail ‘surveys.'” (07/24/24)


Old man mumbles at America

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“US President Joe Biden has told Americans in a televised address that he decided to end his faltering re-election campaign in a bid to save US democracy. Mr Biden, 81, said he felt his record as president ‘merited a second term’ but that ‘nothing can come in the way of saving our democracy.’ He said he endorsed US Vice-President Kamala Harris to unite their fellow Democrats and the country. The White House speech marked his first public appearance since he exited the race on 21 July, paving the way for Ms Harris to run for the party’s nomination. The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, meanwhile, said at a rally that Ms Harris was a ‘radical left lunatic.'” (07/24/24)


The Court Fools Itself

Source: The Atlantic
by Adam Serwer

“The Trumpist justices on the Supreme Court had a very serious problem: They needed to keep their guy out of prison for trying to overthrow the government. The right-wing justices had to do this while still attempting to maintain at least a pretense of having ruled on the basis of the law and the Constitution rather than mere partisan instincts. So they settled on what they thought was a very clever solution …. The president is immune, but only when the justices say he is. … they were too clever by half. They seem to believe that when a president goes too far for their taste, they can declare he’s not immune and constrain him. But there is danger in a ruling that invites presidents to test the limits of their power. By the time a rogue president goes too far, he is unlikely to care what the Supreme Court says.” (07/24/24)


Georgia: Regime probes alleged plot to overthrow regime

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatari state media]

“Georgia’s state intelligence agency has announced the opening of an investigation into a plot to ‘violently overthrow’ the government. In a statement posted on Facebook on Wednesday, the State Security Service of Georgia said it is ‘investigating criminal activities’ aimed at creating unrest, including a plot to kill Bidzina Ivanishvili, the honorary chairman of the governing Georgian Dream party. The statement accused ‘former high officials’ of being behind the plot, with local media reports suggesting links to Ukraine. … Georgian media reported at least six people had been summoned for questioning, most of whom have fought against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Georgia’s authorities have repeatedly accused Ukraine-based Georgians fighting against Russia of plotting a coup.” (07/24/24)