Year-End Fundraiser Update

Hey, everyone …

For me, the worst day of our annual fundraiser, every year, is our first “zero dollar day.” Looking on the bright side, at least I can say we’re past that worst part now, because (as of 6am on October 3), we just got it over with. With contributions of $0.00 yesterday, our total remains at $55.00.

That 55 bucks represents a little over 1% of our $5,150 goal … but with supporter GL’s “matching funds” offer, the 1% magically becomes 2%. After our first day we were set to wrap this thing up in November, but now it’s “play catch back up” time … and “mini-goal” time.

Can we hit the 10% mark ($510) by the end of this week?

YES, we can … if you choose to get us there. Please do that, at …

Big contributions, small contributions, one-time and recurring … we appreciate them all, and all of you who make them. Have a great day!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily

The extinction of liberty and freedom?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The enemies of our freedom, our liberty, are NOT limited to the Woke, so-called progressives, and left/liberal social justice warriors. We at TPOL call them Regressives because they want to return all mankind – especially Americans – to a time when tyrants ruled and the great mass of the people were slaves. In reality if not with the name or title.” (10/02/23)

Macaulay and the Ghosts of Tyranny Past, part 2

by James Bovard

“Macaulay hailed the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 as ‘the most stringent curb that ever legislation imposed on tyranny,’ a law that adds to ‘the security and happiness of every inhabitant of the realm.’ … As America celebrated the 200th anniversary of its independence, however, I assumed that stuff about habeas was as irrelevant as the flintlock muskets used at the Battle of Bunker Hill. And then George W. Bush proved me wrong.” (10/02/23)

File under “how not to do home defense”

Source: Fox Baltimore

“A man was arrested after he mistakenly fired gunshots at a non-existent intruder and flooded his apartment, police say. … Responding officers discovered that an adult man fired shots through his bedroom door at what he believed was an intruder trying to enter the bedroom. … the suspect fired four rounds through his bedroom door, striking a pipe and causing water to flood the apartment. Police say officers did not observe any evidence of a burglary at the residence.” (10/02/23)

Americans Are Still Thriving

Source: EconLog
by Jeremy Horpedahl

“Improving standards of living are something that we have mostly taken for granted in modern America. In fact, failing to produce sufficient increases in national income is one of the surest ways for a President to lose reelection (even if they have little control over it in the short run). But how much are living standards and income improving? Has growth slowed down in recent decades? Are we worse off than a generation ago? Both regular Americans and economic researchers have been asking these questions a lot lately. The debate often slips into dueling anecdotes or — even worse — wonky discussions of income measures and inflation adjustments.” (10/02/23)

Crypto 6 Show Trial: Freeman Sentenced to Eight Years


“Following his conviction for unlicensed money transmission, money laundering, and tax evasion at the close of December 2022, Keene dweller, libertarian activist, and Free Talk Live co-anchor, Ian Freeman has been sentenced to eight years behind bars this Monday. His fellow Free Talk Live co-host, Mark Edge, explained that an appeal is poised to trail the verdict.” (10/02/23)

On Firing Into a Crowd and Accidentally Hitting Hitler

Source: Bet On It
by Bryan Caplan

“I’ve been using the following hypothetical for a long time. It doesn’t google, so I’m pretty sure that I originated it. ‘The year is 1946. You’re in Buenos Aires and see an ordinary crowd of people. Due to severe misanthropy, you take out a gun and shoot randomly in their general direction. You hit exactly one person and he dies. Yet as luck would have it, the person you killed turns out to be none other than Adolf Hitler. The next day, global headlines trumpet, ‘Hitler Shot Dead in Argentina.” What are questions raised by this moral thought experiment? What are its lessons?” (10/02/23)

UN Security Council approves Kenya-led Haiti force

Source: SFGate

“The U.N. Security Council voted Monday to send a multinational force to Haiti led by Kenya to help combat violent gangs in the troubled Caribbean country. The resolution drafted by the U.S. was approved with 13 votes in favor and two abstentions from Russia and China. The resolution authorizes the force to deploy for one year, with a review after nine months. It would mark the first time a force is deployed to Haiti since a U.N.-approved mission nearly 20 years ago. A deployment date has not been set, although U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently said a security mission to Haiti could deploy ‘in months’. Meanwhile, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Alfred Mutua, told the BBC that the force should already be in Haiti by Jan. 1, 2024, ‘if not before then’. It wasn’t immediately clear how big the force would be.” (10/02/23)