Forget Hunter Biden. It’s Joe Biden’s obvious decline that worries me the most.

Source: USA Today
by Nicole Russell

“I’m a Republican, and I don’t care about Hunter Biden, his laptop or the fact that he was found guilty of federal gun charges. I don’t need to. His father, President Joe Biden, is bad enough. Plus, Joe is the one running for president again, not Hunter. Republicans pinning their election hopes on Hunter’s conviction are misguided. Stick with the president — he’s disappointing enough. … Biden’s declining cognitive capacity seems undeniable, and yet, the White House has gone to great lengths to hide it from the public. That is understandable perhaps from a political strategy point of view, but from the purview of the American public, unforgiveable.” (06/13/24)

Waymo Recalls More Than 600 Self-Driving Vehicles for Software, Map Updates After One Strikes a Pole

Source: US News & World Report

“Waymo is recalling more than 600 self-driving vehicles after one of them struck a telephone pole in Arizona. The recall includes 672 vehicles, which is the entire fleet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in its report that last month a driverless Waymo vehicle hit a wooden utility pole in Phoenix, Arizona while it was in an alleyway and trying to perform a low-speed pullover maneuver. … Waymo has completed a software update that improves the automated driving system’s response to poles or pole-like permanent objects. It also provided a map update to include a hard road edge between the pole or pole-like object and the driveable surface.” (06/13/24)

Why Are So Many Food and Beverage Products Being Recalled?

Source: Independent Institute
by Raymond J March

“A Newsweek investigation finds that at least 350 food and beverage products are under recalls mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. A short list of these products includes cookies, shellfish, cucumbers, frozen pizzas, frozen fruits, pasta, salad kits, smoked salmon, hummus, shrimp, lemonade, granola bars, cantaloupes, and ice cream. It’s a long, extensive, and confusing list. Some products have been under recall since 2018, meaning the FDA has taken six years to find the issue, reinspect the goods, and confirm newer production meets its standards. Others remained on the list well after their producers addressed any sanitation concerns.” (06/13/24)

Vexatious litigants want to steal Alex Jones’s social media accounts

Source: Reuters

“Families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims want to seize Alex Jones'[s] social media accounts in his bankruptcy, saying that the conspiracy theorist’s frequent posts to fans are a key part of the Infowars business being liquidated to pay Jones’ debts [sic]. Jones, who filed for bankruptcy protection 17 months ago, has given up on trying to reach a settlement that would reduce the $1.5 billion that he owes [sic] to the relatives of 20 students and six staff members killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Jones and the Sandy Hook families now agree that Jones'[s] assets should be liquidated in bankruptcy. But the families on Wednesday asked a U.S. bankruptcy judge in Houston, Texas, to additionally take control of Jones’ account and prevent Jones from using it to promote new business ventures.” (06/13/24)

Now For Something Completely Different, with Brian Wilson, season 3, episode 19

Source: Now For Something Completely Different, with Brian Wilson

“Politics, Sex and Religion — Well, two out of three ain’t bad! A chat with Domenic Scarcella, author and host of the Substack blog, ‘Good Neighbor, Bad Citizen.'” (06/13/24)

The Death of the “YOLO Economy” Is Not Bad for Economic Health

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Peter Jacobsen

“CNN’s Business and Investing website recently published an article titled ‘YOLO is dying. That could be bad news for the economy.’ YOLO, a played-out acronym meaning ‘You only live once,’ represents an attitude of carelessness in decision-making. Do you want to buy a treat for yourself? Why not — you only live once! What is the YOLO economy? It’s a market characterized by rampant consumerism. … the free spending party is, in fact, coming to an end. So let’s look at why consumerism actually ramped up, and why it’s not a bad thing if it slows down.” (06/13/24)