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Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily

How Behavioral Factors Impact Communication on Immigration Policy

Source: Niskanen Center
by Meghan Holquist

“Immigration has become a central battleground in our political polarization, and that division is reflected in public opinion: About 51 percent of Americans believe immigration benefits the nation, and 49 percent disagree. Given this division, it is critical that we find ways to bridge the gap for effective discussions of immigration policy.” (11/30/21)


UN says international migration rose last year despite Covid-19 impact

Source: France 24 [French state media]

“International migration rose last year despite the dramatic impact of the Covid pandemic on migration patterns, including restrictions blocking many from crossing borders, the United Nations said Wednesday. In a fresh report, the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) said the number of international migrants grew to 281 million in 2020, or 3.6 percent of the global population. That marks an increase from the 272 million international migrants counted in 2019, when they made up 3.5 percent of all people in the world.” (12/01/21)


Constitutional Sleight of Hand: Implied Powers During the Founding Era

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Bob Fiedler

“Despite the words of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Commerce Clause and Necessary and Proper Clause, remaining constant over the past two centuries, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of their meaning and scope has not. When cobbled together they form the basis for so-called ‘Implied Powers.'” (12/01/21)


EU launches €300bn bid to challenge Chinese influence

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“The EU has revealed details of a €300bn (£255bn; $340bn) global investment plan, described as a ‘true alternative’ to China’s Belt and Road strategy. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the Global Gateway scheme should become a trusted brand. China has funded rail, roads and ports but has been accused of leaving some countries saddled with debt. The Commission chief said countries need ‘trusted partners’ to design projects that were sustainable. The EU is looking at how it can leverage billions of euros, drawn from member states, financial institutions and the private sector. This will largely take the form of guarantees or loans, rather than grants.” (12/01/21)


Liberals [sic] Are Increasingly Embarking on Dangerous Flights from Reality

Source: Jacobin
by Liza Featherstone

“Democrats like to think of themselves as ‘reality-based’ people who ‘follow the science.’ But lately, they have been engaged in irrational fearmongering over Russia and China that is reminiscent of their disastrous Cold War–era paranoia about the Soviets.” (11/30/21)


Capitalism [sic] vs. Liberty

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner

“All of my adult life, I’ve considered myself a left-liberal, tending toward social democrat. Much of that sensibility reflects the era of my early adulthood, a time when reformed capitalism seemed plausible and practical. The New Deal had created a fundamental shift of power and ideology. Free-market ideologues and Wall Street moguls were discredited and disgraced by the Great Crash. Financial markets were tightly regulated. Labor unions were empowered. Government demonstrated the value of public investment and social insurance. The mixed economy had arrived, seemingly for keeps, well defended by grateful voters. But that moment turned out to be all too transient and fragile. What followed was not just a reversion to the laissez-faire of the 1920s. What has ensued is hyper-capitalism, impervious to the usual strategies of reform, turning humans and social institutions into expendable commodities, destroying the ability of people to thrive.” (12/01/21)


Venezuela: Opposition mobilizes against order to repeat elections they won

Source: La Prensa Latina

“The Venezuelan opposition on Tuesday mobilized against the order by the country’s Supreme Court (TSL) to repeat the regional elections in the state of Barinas on Jan. 9, despite the fact that the anti-government candidate, Freddy Superlano, obtained the most votes in the Nov. 21 gubernatorial election there. … The Electoral Chamber of the TSJ noted that Freddy Superlano competed in the race despite being disqualified, something that had not caused any problem in enabling him to register as a candidate with the automated CNE system. However, Freddy Superlano noted on Tuesday that he was included on a list of people given amnesty by President Nicolas Maduro in August 2020, according to which he refuses to recognize the reasons whereby he was disqualified.” (11/30/21)