Socialist America — History: Rural Electrics

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The 1936 Act very much sped up the provision of grid electrical power to rural and frontier regions …. It slowed down the massive accumulation of power by local governments — counties and smaller towns — in contrast to many larger cities and towns where providing electrical power joined providing water, sewage, and even trash collection services as yet another political football for corruption, patronage, and control (micro-management control at that). … Unfortunately, like many of the FDR-era alphabet agencies, and longer than many, it created a seemingly perpetual federal bureaucratic agency and yet another way for Congressmen to ‘benefit’ their districts and states with all the federal money — and with more and more strings attached.” (05/16/22)

FL: Man fatally shot after climbing through window of home

Source: Local 10 News

“A man was fatally shot late Sunday night after breaking into a home in Lauderhill, authorities said. … a man at the scene told officers that he was inside the home with a woman when another man climbed through a window. Santiago said the man who climbed through the window then pulled out a gun and an exchange of gunfire ensued. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Friends of the man who was killed spoke to Local 10′s Ian Margol and said he wasn’t an intruder. They said he was dropping his children off with their mother because he had them for the weekend. The plan was for the mother to take them back on Sunday night. But when she didn’t answer the door, he went around to a window in the back yard and that’s when the shooting started.” (05/16/22)

Why Tucker Carlson Should Want the Buffalo Manifesto Made Public

Source: The Atlantic
by Graeme Wood

“My friends in the terrorism-analysis community engaged in preemptive scolding as news of the manifesto came out. ‘Don’t post the fuckin manifesto anywhere,’ tweeted Amarnath Amarasingam, a professor at Queen’s University in Canada. ‘Folks in our field: You should read the manifesto,’ Seamus Hughes of George Washington University wrote. ‘You shouldn’t share it.’ They are right, of course. You should not circulate it, any more than you should store your feces and fling them around the neighborhood out of your car windows, rather than flushing them down like a normal person. … But sometimes there is no substitute for the smell of effluent, and I think it is worth considering what we lose by discouraging members of the public from singeing their nostrils on the offending material directly.” (05/16/22)

Ukraine: Regime troops cede Mariupol to Russian forces

Source: US News & World Report

“Ukraine’s military said on Tuesday it was working to evacuate all remaining troops from their last stronghold in the besieged port of Mariupol, ceding control of the city to Russia after months of bombardment. The evacuation of hundreds of fighters, many wounded, to Russian-held towns, likely marked the end of the longest and bloodiest battle of the Ukraine war and a significant defeat for Ukraine. Mariupol is now in ruins after a Russian siege that Ukraine says killed tens of thousands of people in the city.” (05/16/22)

Why Libertarians Should Care About the War On Sex

Source: Libertarian Party
by Cathy Reisenwitz

“As the War on Drugs begins to ramp down after 50 years of failure and devastation, authoritarians are hardly going quietly into that good night. The nanny state never sleeps, and the new moral panic is the scourge of sex work and pornography. Lawmakers are hard at work eroding free speech online in the name of ‘moral decency.’ … You don’t need to like or use drugs to understand that the War on Drugs has caused far more, and far more lasting, harm than drugs alone ever could. The war on sex workers and porn creators is the same story, being written all over again in real-time.” (05/16/22)

Biden orders US forces to re-invade/re-occupy Somalia

Source: United Press International

“President Joe Biden has signed an order redeploying hundreds of Special Operations forces into Somalia after his predecessor Donald Trump withdrew troops from the country during his presidency, reports said Monday. … Sources told The New York Times that at most 450 troops would return to Somalia. Trump had ordered the 700 troops stationed in the country to withdraw by early 2021 before Biden took office.” (05/16/22)

Conflicts of Interest at the National Institutes of Health

Source: Independent Institute
by K Lloyd Billingsley

“On May 11, acting National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Lawrence Tabak conceded that $350 million in undisclosed royalty payments to Dr. Anthony Fauci, his deputy Clifford Lane, former NIH director Francis Collins, and hundreds of NIH employees presented ‘an appearance of a conflict of interest.’ Tabak, deputy ethics counselor of NIH since 2010 and in 2009 acting principal deputy director, seemed unaware of developments at his own agency. Francis Collins received 14 royalty payments, Dr. Fauci 23 payments, and his deputy, Clifford Lane, eight payments, but the NIH heavily redacted the information.” (05/16/22)

Wheat Prices Hit Record High After India Export Ban

Source: NDTV [India]

“Wheat prices surged to a new record high on Monday after India decided to ban exports of the commodity as a heatwave hit production. The price jumped to 435 euros ($453) per tonne as the European market opened. Global wheat prices have soared on supply fears since Russia’s February invasion of agricultural powerhouse Ukraine, which previously accounted for 12 percent of global exports. … The export ban drew sharp criticism from the Group of Seven industrialised nations, which said that such measures ‘would worsen the crisis’ of rising commodity prices.” (05/16/22)