Free Talk Live, 01/19/22

Source: Free Talk Live

“Homebirths Up 22% :: Crazy Hospital Policies :: Universal Orphanhood Insanity :: Soviet Communism :: Probiotics :: Federal Prosecutions Post-Secession :: Mask Compliance :: Highway Fatalities :: UK Removes COVID Restrictions :: NH Exit Critic :: Kaesong Industrial Region of North Korea :: Show: 2022-01-19 Ian, Nikki, Bonnie.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/19/22)

The other “Big Lie:” How Biden and Democrats fuel doubts about the 2024 election

Source: The Hill
by Jonathan Turley

“For months, President Biden, Democratic politicians, and some in the media have hammered away at ‘Trump’s Big Lie’ of the 2020 election. They insist that former President Trump began months before the election to plant a false narrative that changes in election laws were part of an effort to ‘steal’ the election. However, in the last few weeks, Biden and others are pushing their own ‘Big Lie’ that state election laws are now being changed to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections. What is most striking is how these claims are detached from the actual laws themselves — the power of this claim being based entirely upon its repetition rather than its foundation.” (01/19/22)

WHO: No evidence COVID boosters are needed for healthy children, young adults

Source: Fox News

“The World Health Organization’s (WHO) chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said Tuesday that there is no current evidence that suggests healthy adolescents or children need COVID-19 vaccine booster doses. Speaking at a news briefing, Swaminathan explained that more research is necessary on the shots going forward, and that the agency had been making decisions based on current science. ‘There is no evidence right now that healthy children or healthy adolescents need boosters. No evidence at all,’ she said. Swaminathan said a panel would meet later this week to consider the question of how countries should be giving out boosters ‘with the view to reducing deaths.’ … In the U.S, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized boosters of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for emergency use in children as young as 12 years old.” (01/19/22)

The Distributional Outcomes of Rights-Based Management in Fisheries

Source: Property and Environment Research Center
by Bryan Leonard, Josh Abbott, & Brian Garber-Yonts

“Fisheries managers have increasingly adopted rights-based management (i.e., ‘catch shares’ or ‘individual transferable quotas’ [ITQs]) to address economic and biological management challenges under prior governance regimes. Despite their ability to resolve some of the symptoms of the tragedy of the commons and improve economic efficiency, catch shares remain controversial for their potentially disruptive social effects. One criticism is that the benefits of rights-based reforms are unequally distributed across vessels and between fishery participants (e.g., crew and hired captains) and that stakeholders that do not receive an allocation of harvest rights may see their remuneration decrease. Yet, empirically assessing these claims is difficult in almost all ITQs due to poor availability of longitudinal cost, earnings, and employment data.” [abstract — full paper available as PDF download] (01/19/22)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 01/19/22

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“One good thing about difficult times is that we all learn a degree of resiliency by going through them. James Howard Kunstler has a tough but thorough analysis what we’re facing and says it’s no time for crybabies.” [various formats] (01/19/22)

The War Over Your Mind

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Tommy Salmons

“Over the last few years (after Trump’s surprising victory) the decision as to what information and news the masses ingest is being monitored by the elites and corporate press. The rise of alternative media, especially large podcasts, has fueled their panic, and pushed their attempts to control the narrative into overdrive. The big tech companies took it upon themselves to determine what was allowable discourse. They ran mass censorship [sic] campaigns against anyone that said anything that challenged the power and prestige of the elites. What was once common speech among friends and colleagues is now hate speech. Comedians, politicians, and independent media personalities were depersoned and ostracized from the public square, social media platforms.” (01/19/22)

Why hasn’t Biden fired anyone after a terrible first year?

Source: Fox News
by David Marcus

“As the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency comes to an inglorious close the litany of failures he has racked up in a mere 12 months is nothing short of astonishing. On almost every issue that the American people care about he has made things worse — and in regard to many of them, drastically so. … Amid all of this disappointment, one curious question stands out. Why hasn’t any significant member of his administration been fired? Presidential administrations are traditionally like football teams. If the losses keep coming, if the squad fumbles and bumbles at every turn, then coaches, players, even general managers get sacked. While Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump was accused of using his signature phrase, ‘you’re fired’ a bit too often, Biden doesn’t even seem to realize it is an option.” (01/19/22)

Crisis-Filled Lives

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“No one can deny that we Americans live crisis-filled lives. Right now, there is a major crisis in Ukraine with Russia. There is also an ongoing crisis with China. Other foreign-policy crises, such as with Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea. There is a terrorism crisis. Healthcare crisis. Social Security crisis. Drug-war crisis. Immigration crisis. Debt crisis. Inflation crisis. Fiscal crisis. Monetary crisis. There is a common denominator to all these crises — the federal government and, specifically, the welfare-warfare state political-economic system under which we live.” (01/19/22)

SCOTUS signals it may side with Cruz in challenge to campaign finance rules

Source: USA Today

“The Supreme Court hinted Wednesday it may side with Sen. Ted Cruz and agree that a federal law violates the First Amendment because, in the name of curbing corruption, it limits how candidates are repaid when they lend to their own campaigns. Cruz, a Texas Republican and 2016 presidential candidate, challenged a provision of a campaign finance law signed by President George W. Bush in 2002 that governs when and how campaigns may repay candidates for loans above $250,000. While the provision itself appears to be rarely invoked, advocates on both sides of the issue said the nation’s highest court could use the case to take another whack at campaign finance rules intended to limit money flowing into federal elections. The Supreme Court has since 1976 viewed campaign spending as a form of speech.” (01/19/22)