The Great Replacement Theory Is Just Republican Orthodoxy Now

Source: The New Republic
by Alex Shephard

“Not so long ago, the ‘great replacement theory’ — a racist conspiracy that posits that Democrats and other elites are bringing nonwhite foreigners into the United States for the purpose of destroying the white race — was a fringe idea, something you would only encounter in the nether reaches of the internet. In recent years, it has become not only a key narrative within the right-wing media ecosystem — from 4-Chan and Breitbart to Fox News — but an idea increasingly embraced by Republican leaders. … Whether for ratings or votes, these ideas are now central to the Republican Party’s political messaging: that they are the one thing holding the country back from total chaos; that voting for Democrats will inevitably lead to policy shifts that will, in quick succession, lead to the downfall of the white race.” (05/17/22)

Musk: Twitter deal “cannot move forward” without clarity on bot numbers

Source: CNBC

“Elon Musk said his $44 billion purchase of Twitter will not move ahead until he has more clarity on how many accounts are fake. Twitter estimated in a filing earlier this month that fewer than 5% of its monetizable daily active users — known as mDAUs — during the first quarter were bots or spam accounts. But Musk estimates that around 20% of the accounts on Twitter are fake or spam accounts and he’s concerned that the number could be even higher. ‘My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate,’ Musk tweeted early Tuesday morning. ‘Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%. This deal cannot move forward until he does.'” (05/17/22)

Think big, but don’t buy Greenland

Source: EconLog
by Scott Sumner

“Tyler Cowen makes an interesting claim: ‘7. Consider a deal that does make sense: the U.S. buying Greenland from the Greenlanders and also Denmark. Can we really in essence pay the 56,000 or so residents to give up their country and territory?’ I agree that the Greenlanders would be unlikely to sell, but I’m skeptical of the claim that the purchase would benefit the US. American schoolchildren are taught that our 1867 purchase of Alaska for $7.2 million dollars was a bargain, but I’ve never seen any convincing evidence to support that claim. Yes, Alaska produces lots of oil, but what about all of the US government money that goes to subside Alaska? What’s the net benefit?” (05/16/22)

When the People Tasked With Protecting Our Children Are the Villains

Source: Town Hall
by Stephen Moore

“The evidence shows that school closures during COVID were an epic public policy blunder. The school lockdowns in many states were arguably the most significant episode of government-sponsored child abuse in American history. You don’t have to take my word for it. Last week, the liberal [sic] New York Times came to the same conclusion after an extensive investigation. The New York Times found: ‘Extended school closures appear to have done much more harm than good, and many school administrators probably could have recognized as much by the fall of 2020. In places where schools reopened that summer and fall, the spread of Covid was not noticeably worse than in places where schools remained closed.’ The New York Times also found that the primary victims were the lowest-income children.” (05/17/22)

Report: BLM paid nearly $4M to board secretary, co-founder’s brother, and father of her child

Source: Fox News

“The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation dished out nearly $4 million in consulting payments to its board secretary, co-founder Patrisse Cullors'[s] brother, and the father of Cullors'[s] child. BLM Global Network, the movement’s primary nonprofit, paid $2.1 million to Bowers Consulting, a firm run by Shalomyah Bowers, the foundation’s board secretary, between July 2020 and June 2021, according to tax forms the BLM Global Network Foundation provided to the Associated Press. The nonprofit also pushed $1.8 million to individuals with close ties to Cullors …. The AP report also confirms that the foundation had used its funds to purchase a $6 million Los Angeles mansion, which came under fire following a New York Magazine report. BLM Global Network hauled in $77 million in contributions during its 2021 fiscal year, and it ended it with $42 million in assets, the tax forms show.” (05/17/22)

Was the US Really Ever Trying to Win the War on Drugs?

Source: Jacobin
by Mattha Busby

“The US spends around $48 billion on the war on drugs each year. The massive spending doesn’t do much to stop drug use, but it has been a major boon for arms and security contractors and human rights abusers around the world.” (05/16/22)

Indonesia: Farmers protest against palm oil export ban

Source: South China Morning Post [Hong Kong]

“Hundreds of Indonesian smallholder farmers on Tuesday staged a protest in the capital Jakarta and in other parts of the world’s fourth most populous country, demanding the government end a palm oil export ban that has slashed their income. Indonesia, the world’s top palm oil exporter, has since April 28 halted shipments of crude palm oil and some of its derivative products in a bid to control soaring prices of domestic cooking oil, rattling global vegetable oil markets. … ‘Malaysian farmers are wearing full smiles, Indonesian farmers suffer,’ one of the signs held up by protesters read. Malaysia is the second-largest producer of palm oil and has said it aims to supply markets left open by Indonesia’s export ban.” (05/17/22)

The Case Against the CDC as We Know It

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Michael Bryant

“The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was founded in 1946 as a backwater quasi-governmental agency with a negligible budget and a handful of employees tasked with a simple mission: ‘prevent malaria from spreading across the nation.’ Seventy-five years later it has metastasized into a multi-billion dollar bureaucratic behemoth that oversees and controls virtually all aspects of public health programs, policies, and practices across the United States. … The widely accepted belief about the CDC holds that it is a governmental agency that functions outside of health industry relationships and consequently operates free from the monied interests of the health management sector. Nothing could be further from the truth.” (05/16/22)