Goldman challenges Fed’s demand it hold more capital after stress test

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“Goldman Sachs has lodged an appeal with the US Federal Reserve challenging its result in the regulator’s most recent ‘stress test, which is set to force the Wall Street bank to hold a greater amount of capital, according to people familiar with the matter. The appeal advances the issues that Goldman chief executive David Solomon expressed publicly two weeks ago, when he argued the Fed’s results did not reflect the work the bank had done to make its business more stable. Goldman and the Fed declined to comment.” (07/14/24)

Wilson Didn’t Resign. The World Suffered. Biden Need Not Repeat That Mistake

Source: Washington Monthly
by Bill Scher

“Wilson hid an incapacitating stroke from the public and fatally compromised his mission to establish a functional League of Nations. Once again, global peace and democracy precariously rely on a president reluctant to face a personal health crisis.”(07/12/24)

Secret Service chief Kimberly Cheatle facing mounting calls to resign after “total security breakdown” at Trump rally

Source: New York Post

“Calls are mounting for the resignation of Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle after the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Critics claim Cheatle dropped the ball on security measures at Saturday’s Trump rally — saying she has been too focused on woke ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ policies, such as making sure the department is 30 percent women by 2030, to take care of the agency’s more crucial business. They note she even allowed a YouTube influencer to train with agents last year. Cheatle, 53, served 28 years in the Secret Service and was part of its protective detail guarding then-Vice President Dick Cheney before she left to become head of global security at PepsiCo. She returned to the agency when President Biden appointed her to its top post in 2022.” [editor’s note: I vuss juss following zee orders … – SAT] (07/14/24)

Spray-Painting Stonehenge

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Last month, members of Just Stop Oil, devoted to ‘climate activism’ — a way of coping with weather that goes way beyond using shelter, culverts, coats and umbrellas — were arrested for an unsolicited paint job. They spray-painted Stonehenge. The group says that mankind is doomed unless we stop using fossil fuels. Not instantly! That would be crazy. By 2030. … You can wash the paint off Stonehenge. Bringing irrational fantasists to reason is a much tougher job.” (07/12/24)

Onward, Christian Soldiers … To War!

Source: In These Times
by Hamilton Nolan

“It would be wrong to say that the entire ​’national conservatism’ movement is a product of repressed psychosexual urges. Some of it is about tariffs. Most of it, though, seems to be what happens when you mix strict religious morality with QAnon, internet porn, Donald Trump’s need for mewling adoration and the American urge to land a high quality internship.” (07/14/24)

Palestine: Hamas says Gaza cease-fire talks haven’t paused and claims military chief survived Israeli strike

Source: ABC News

“Hamas said Sunday that Gaza cease-fire talks continue and the group’s military commander is in good health, a day after the Israeli military targeted Mohammed Deif with a massive airstrike that local health officials said killed at least 90 people, including children. Deif’s condition remained uncertain after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday night ‘there still isn’t absolute certainty’ he was killed. Hamas representatives gave no evidence to back up their assertion about the health of a chief architect of the Oct. 7 attack that sparked the war. … Hamas rejected the idea that mediated cease-fire discussions had been suspended after the strike.” (07/14/24)

The past is a foreign country

Source: spiked
by Patrick West

“Last month, Camden Council in London attached a QR code to a statue of modernist author Virginia Woolf. On scanning it, you are informed all about her supposedly ‘offensive opinions,’ ‘imperialist attitudes’ and ‘unacceptable views.’ It aroused a question that constantly re-emerges these days: can and should we judge the behaviour and attitudes of those who lived in different times? After all, Woolf was born in the 19th century and died 83 years ago. Most sensible and intelligent people would answer that we can’t and we shouldn’t. Those who think we can and should tend to be driven by a peculiarly confused and perverse malice towards Western civilisation.” ()07/12/24)