Hong Kong: Facebook, other Internet giants warn Beijing puppet regime of possible exit over proposed data-sharing laws

Source: MarketWatch

“Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have privately warned the Hong Kong government that they could stop offering their services in the city if authorities proceed with planned changes to data-protection laws that could make them liable for the malicious sharing of individuals’ information online. A letter sent by an industry group that includes the internet firms said companies are concerned that the planned rules to address doxing could put their staff at risk of criminal investigations or prosecutions related to what the firms’ users post online. Doxing refers to the practice of putting people’s personal information online so they can be harassed by others.” (07/05/21)


Chilling effect remains as Oklahoma’s “divisive concepts” law becomes effective

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Graham Piro

“Yesterday, Oklahoma’s HB 1775 formally took effect, joining the growing number of states enacting legislation to ban, or crack down on, how issues of race and gender can be taught. While the law primarily focuses on public K-12 institutions, its lack of precision invites pressure on college administrators from students, parents, and activists to broadly construe the statute to encompass discussion in higher education. That will cause a chilling effect, particularly when risk-averse administrators accept that invitation — which is exactly what happened at Oklahoma City Community College, offering a preview of the chill that may follow.” (07/02/21)


“She’s f–king up”: Kamala Harris leaks just keep on coming

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Yet another leak (from another news outlet) suggests trouble brewing in Vice President Kamala Harris'[s] office. Axios'[s] report on internal turmoil and other woes in the vice president’s office was immediately brushed off by Biden officials, including White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. ‘The President’s trust and confidence in her is obvious when you see them in the Oval Office together,’ he told the outlet in a statement. But it’s the third report just this week (following CNBC and Politico’s lead) to express concerns of tension in the White House. Multiple people allegedly threw around the term ‘shitshow’ in reference to Harris'[s] office. White House officials were seemingly incensed at the Politico expose that found allegations of a lack of support and abuse from 22 staffers, officials and other associates — both past and present.” (07/05/21)


Happy “Independence” Day

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“Today America celebrates its hard-fought victory in its fight to free itself from the rule of British monarchs so it could be ruled by US oligarchs. … Hollywood trained us to fear psychopathic killers prowling around in the dark so we won’t notice the psychopathic killers who rule our world in broad daylight. We’ve been trained to fear the serial killer covered in blood and wielding a chainsaw so we won’t notice the serial killer wearing a suit and wielding a pen. … The fucking ocean caught fire and they just bombed Iraq and Syria and they’re killing kids in Yemen and ramping up nuclear escalations against Russia and China, and Facebook is warning users that it’s those who criticize this system who are the dangerous extremists.” (07/04/21)


TX: Carpetbagging convicted war criminal announces gubernatorial run

Source: Texas Tribune

“Texas GOP Chairman Allen West announced Sunday he is running for governor, challenging fellow Republican Greg Abbott. The announcement was made during at appearance by West at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, where the former Florida congressman played a video launching his campaign. … West’s campaign launch comes about a month after he announced his resignation as state party chairman. The resignation is effective July 11, when the State Republican Executive Committee is set to meet to pick West’s successor as chair. … West represented Florida in Congress from 2011-2013 [after being allowed to retire with full benefits from the US Army despite a war crime conviction]. He moved to Texas in 2014 to become the CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a Dallas think tank that shuttered three years later.” (07/04/21)


CT: Pols to revisit Lamont’s COVID-19 authority

Source: NBC Connecticut

“Connecticut lawmakers are expected to return to the state Capitol in the coming weeks and decide whether to extend Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont’s public health emergency and his executive authority once again as the state continues to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. … The General Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats, in May agreed to extend the governor’s civil preparedness and public declarations until July 20 even though most of the state’s remaining COVID-19 restrictions were lifted May 19. At the time, the legislative proponents said it was the prudent thing to do, noting how some federal COVID relief programs, including extra food benefits for struggling families, require that such emergency declarations remain in place. House Speaker Matt Ritter, D-Hartford, told The Hartford Courant there are still several reasons for extending Lamont’s executive authority, including federal funding requirements and the additional flexibility to manage COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.” (07/03/21)