The Normalization of The New Normal Reich

Source: Consent Factory, Inc.
by CJ Hopkins

“Yes, the Covidian Cult is kaput. The spell has been broken. Only the most insanely fanatical New Normal cultists continue to walk around in public in their plague masks and homemade hazmat suits. But the New Normal Reich is not kaput. The New Normal Reich is being … well, normalized. The masses are being systematically conditioned to accept the biosecurity police state that the global-capitalist ruling classes have been implementing for the last three years. … People are still being forced to wear masks — the symbol of the New Normal Reich — on planes, trains, public transport, in doctors offices, hospitals, et cetera. Here, there, and everywhere, New Normal symbols and social rituals are being permanently integrated into everyday life. These symbols and rituals are more than just the window dressing of the New Normal Reich. They are how our new ‘reality’ is being created and maintained.” (07/22/22)

IL: Bakery/cafe vandalized over drag show plans; suspect arrested

Source: ABC 7 Eyewitness News

“After weeks of online and in-person backlash, a northwest suburban drag show that was planned for Saturday night was abruptly canceled. Not because of the backlash, but because, someone shattered the business’ windows and left slurs printed on her bakery overnight, according to the owner. … A man has been arrested, Lake in the Hills police said. An Algonquin police sergeant saw the suspect flee on foot, authorities said. Joseph I. Collins, 24 of Alsip, was taken into custody at about 12:05 a.m. … The business is now closed until further notice but is not deterred and plans to bring the drag show back.” (07/23/22)

The Political Strategy of “Making the Other Side Better”

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Ilya Somin

“It’s important to recognize that beating the other side and improving it aren’t always mutually exclusive. The former can often facilitate the latter. If your side’s policies turn out to be political winners, that may well incentivize the other side to adopt them, or at least stop opposing them. A famous example is the political success of many of FDR’s New Deal policies, such as Social Security. After they helped the Democrats win numerous elections, most Republicans came to accept them. When the GOP finally recaptured the White House in 1952, after five straight defeats, it was with a president (Eisenhower) who accepted most of the New Deal, even if sometimes grudgingly. Later, one of the great triumphs of Ronald Reagan in the US and Margaret Thatcher in the UK was that opposing parties ultimately acceded to many of their policies.” (07/22/22)

Brazil: Bolsonaro launches re-election campaign

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has officially launched his re-election campaign, as he trails his main rival badly in opinion polls. Thousands of the far-right president’s supporters gathered at a stadium in Rio de Janeiro, where he was nominated. He promised to retain a welfare programme that makes cash payments to poorer Brazilians. His left-wing rival, Luiz Inscio Lula da Silva, is widely known for his policies to lift people out of poverty. Mr Bolsonaro’s candidacy was officially endorsed by his right-wing Liberal Party. The election is due to take place on 2 October. During the rally at Maracanãzinho stadium, Mr Bolsonaro told his supporters, ‘The army is on our side.’ … Gen Walter Braga Netto, former defence minister, has been nominated as Mr Bolsonaro’s vice-president. Lula, who previously served as president from 2003-10, was officially nominated by the left-wing Worker’s Party on Thursday.” (07/24/22)

The Semiconductor Industry Is Coming for Your Wallet. As Usual, Congress Is Complicit

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Patrick Carroll

“Congress is contemplating bipartisan legislation known as the Chips Act, which would provide $52 billion in grants and $24 billion in tax credits to the US semiconductor industry. Thanks to a last-minute bipartisan amendment, the bill will also put tens of billions of dollars toward various federal agencies, bringing the total price tag to $250 billion. … Fifty-two billion taxpayer dollars being poured into these industries is 52 billion taxpayers dollars that can’t be poured into other industries. The government is not creating resources, it is simply reallocating them, and it’s by no means obvious that this is the best use of these funds. Notably, the free market tends to allocate resources much better than the government because, unlike Congress, it is guided by actual consumer demand.” (07/22/22)

Shareholders Steer McDonald’s Into Pointless Equity Audit

Source: The American Prospect
by Daniel Netter

“In 2020, after the murder of George Floyd and the mass protests that followed, a number of companies promised change within their own ranks, vowing to create more equitable policies. Some businesses commit to racial equity audits to jumpstart internal reforms. These audits, often conducted by outside firms or individuals, examine and assess company actions and how those actions advance or prevent discrimination within their workplaces. Some of the highest profile companies to authorize these examinations, which are also known as civil rights audits, include Starbucks, Facebook and Airbnb. Starbucks hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a racial equity audit following an incident in which a Philadelphia store manager called the police on two Black men after a barista told them only buying customers could use the bathroom.” (07/22/22)

A Mad Cycle

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

The cycle runs like this: 1. Some (usually young) man shoots a number of people in a gun-free zone; 2. Media people whip their viewers into a frenzy about the need for ‘common sense gun control laws’ or a complete gun ban; 3. Politicians scurry to ‘do something.’ Despite the fact that the Uvalde and Indianapolis mall shootings suggest contrary policies, Congress has just produced a law that actually takes a step … in the wrong direction, adding more penalties, for example, on top of existing penalties for convicted felons caught in possession of firearms.” (07/22/22)