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Afghanistan: Last US troops set to leave Bagram Air Base

Source: CNN

“The last US troops are expected to leave Bagram Air Base on Friday, a senior defense official tells CNN. The departure marks the end of the American presence at the sprawling compound that became the center of military power in Afghanistan. The full withdrawal of US troops from the country is not complete yet but expected very soon. Nearly two decades after the first American troops arrived at Bagram and helped take control of the field after the 9/11 attacks, the transfer of the field to the Afghan military proceeded without fanfare, a hushed finale that portends the imminent conclusion of America’s longest war [sic].” (07/02/21)


The NSA Is Spying on Tucker Carlson (and Everyone Else)

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Jim Bovard

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson was mocked on social media this week for stating that he had been told that the National Security Agency was reading his private emails and spying on him. The usual suspects called Carlson paranoid, because there are so many checks and balances to assure the feds would never illegally target a vexatious Biden critic. However, on Tuesday, a dissent by Travis LeBlanc, a member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, revealed that one of the NSA’s most intrusive surveillance engines, XKeyscore, may be violating federal law and Americans’ rights and privacy. In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked documents proving that XKeyscore was the surveillance state’s incarnation of paranoia. What did it take for the NSA to justify vacuuming up Americans’ emails and internet data? Merely detecting ‘someone searching the web for suspicious stuff.'” (07/02/21)


Free Talk Live, 07/01/21

Source: Free Talk Live

“Facebook Now Encouraging Users to Snitch on ‘Extremism’ :: Alternative Platforms :: Domestic Terrorism? :: Outsourcing Morality :: The Evil Religion of the State :: Nobody Put in Solitary Confinement :: Liberty State Reps in New Hampshire Successfully Pass Reduced State Budget! :: NH Liberty Alliance Ratings :: US Govt Gang Seizes Dozens of Iranian Domains :: ICANN Owned by Feds? :: Canadian Crackdown on Internet Speech Coming? :: HOSTS — Ian, Bonnie.” [Flash audio or MP3] (07/01/21)


UK: In boost to Starmer, Labour wins election reprieve in north England

Source: Reuters

“British Labour leader Keir Starmer received a boost in northern England on Friday, fighting off a challenge from the governing Conservatives to hang on to a parliamentary seat that if lost, would have heaped pressure on him to stand down. The victory for Labour, which saw 13,296 to 12,973 votes in favour of its candidate Kim Leadbeater, in Batley and Spen, hands Starmer a reprieve from those questioning whether he can rebuild Britain’s main opposition party after a 2019 election disaster. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives had been cautiously hopeful they could oust Labour from another northern English constituency after winning a contest Hartlepool in May but fell just 323 votes short.” (07/02/21)