Biden regime declares trade war on Israeli spyware companies

Source: Seattle Times

“The Biden administration announced Wednesday it is putting new export limits on two Israeli hacker-for-hire companies — including the well-known spyware company NSO Group — saying their tools have been used to ‘conduct transnational repression.’ Based on leaked targeting data, findings by a global media consortium earlier this year provided evidence that the spyware from NSO Group was allegedly used to infiltrate devices belonging to a range of targets, including journalists, activists and political opponents in 50 countries. The U.S. Commerce Department said NSO Group and the firm Candiru are being added to the ‘entity list,’ which limits their access to U.S. components and technology by requiring government permission for exports.” (11/03/21)

The Bryan Hyde Show, 11/03/21

Source: The Bryan Hyde Show

“Everything that becomes politicized turns into a power struggle. The current battleground of parents vs. school boards is a good example of this. Jacob Hornberger zeroes in on the real issue which has created a statist war over public school books. His recommendation? Separate school and state.” [various formats] (11/03/21)

Public School Pandemonium Teaches a Valuable Lesson

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jon Hersey

“On September 29, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) asked President Biden to use the full power of the federal government against parents. Their offense? Disrupting school board meetings to protest mask mandates for their children, and to question lessons tinged with identity politics. … even at their most extreme, these public displays of discontent definitely are not devolving to the sort of anarchy that requires a world-class surveillance state and military response. … The real solution, as radical as it is, is to privatize public schools.” (11/03/21)

The Red-Pilling of Loudoun County, Virginia

Source: TK News
by Matt Taibbi

“McAuliffe’s collapse, and the corresponding underdog win by private equity titan Glenn Youngkin, is already being caricatured nationally using the language of 1980s politics. We’re meant to understand that the Loudoun County story — which is too complex to summarize easily but involves furious disputes between local parents and the school board over a variety of issues, including a pair of sexual assaults — was cooked up by Republicans as a cynical dog-whistle campaign. … Just as McAuliffe had no message apart from trying to tie Youngkin to Trump, these commentators seem helpless to do anything but fall back on a cookie-cutter formula for responding to Republican electoral victories in the Trump era.” (11/03/21)

A Notorious CIA-Armed Militia Finds a Home in the US

Source: The American Prospect
by Emran Feroz

“A few days ago, an acquaintance of my family told us how he was busy translating for newly arrived Afghan refugees in the United States. Thousands of families have been evacuated in a mass exodus that was broadcast by international news organizations. Many families remain isolated inside military bases all around the U.S., as their cases are processed. At one such base, our family friend met several men whose language he could barely decipher. It turned out they were speaking Pashto, although not the standard dialect spoken across Afghanistan. They were speaking the distinct Pashto of Khost, a province in Afghanistan’s southeast. … They were once part of the so-called Khost Protection Force (KPF), a notorious Afghan militia that was created by the CIA in the region.” (11/02/21)

CA: LA County sheriff doubles down on not enforcing vaccine mandate as he warns of mass exodus of deputies

Source: CNN

“Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva warned Tuesday of a possible public safety threat due to a ‘mass exodus’ of deputies from the department and blamed the county’s vaccine mandate. Villanueva accused the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors of poor policy-making and pointed to an executive order issued by the chair of the board in August that required all county employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no later than October 1. Days after the county deadline, Villanueva said he wouldn’t enforce the mandate. … On Tuesday, Villanueva said only about 42% of the department’s sworn personnel have been vaccinated and 3,137 deputies are at risk of termination due to the mandate. And, the sheriff said, many unvaccinated deputies are voluntarily leaving the department to escape the vaccination requirement.” (11/03/21)

Surprising support for the right to bear arms

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by David Kopel & George A Mocsary

“As the Supreme Court considers New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, many commentators are wondering if the Court will rule on the basis of text, history, and tradition. A deeply researched amicus brief from Everytown for Gun Safety cites a wealth of history. Yet some of those cites when read in context, such as the full sentence, undercut the brief’s thesis that peaceable carry of arms was generally prohibited in England and America.” (11/03/21)

ME: After vote ends in tie, candidates to draw straws, basically

Source: US News & World Report

“A ranked choice ballot where numbers were crunched by a computer ended in a tie in a City Council race, so the contest will be decided with a low-tech solution — basically, drawing straws. The election will be settled in public, in front of Portland City Hall, when lots (something such as random straws) are drawn on Thursday. Officials had not decided by Wednesday afternoon what would serve as the lots. Portland is one of a handful of cities that uses ranked voting for local races. The method allows voters to prioritize candidates in races where there are more than two people running. If no one gets more than 50% of the total vote, second-choice votes come into play. The Tuesday race for an at-large council seat resulted in a numeric tie between Roberto Rodriguez and Brandon Mazer, city officials said.” (11/03/21)

Don’t Let the Government ID Your Medical Records

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Ron Paul

“Both the Senate and House versions of the Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services Appropriations bill remove the prohibition on the development of a ‘unique patient identifier.’ … When I began fighting the unique patient ID in the 1990s, my opponents denied that medical identifiers would make it impossible to ensure confidentiality of medical records. Now, they are saying we should support medical identifiers because they allow government officials, employers, schools, airlines, and even stores and restaurants to discover what, if any, vaccinations or other medical treatments we have or have not received. The result of the identifier will be a medical caste system, where those who refuse to follow the mandates or advice of the ‘experts’ are denied opportunities to work, receive an education, or even go to church or enjoy a night out on the town.” (11/03/21)