MA: MIT tosses controversial “diversity statement” hiring requirement

Source: New York Post

“The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will no longer require prospective hires to pledge allegiance to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion as an employment condition, becoming the first elite university in the country to do away with the controversial practice denounced by free speech advocates as a ‘political litmus test’. ‘Requests for a statement on diversity will no longer be part of applications for any faculty positions at MIT,’ a university spokesperson told The Post in an emailed statement, noting that the decision was made by MIT president Sally Kornbluth along with the support of the provost, chancellor and all six academic deans. ‘My goals are to tap into the full scope of human talent, to bring the very best to MIT, and to make sure they thrive once here,’ Kornbluth said.” (05/06/24)

Unlimited Growth, Forever

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Joakim Book

“It is often said that only a madman — or economist — could believe that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet. Resources are scarce and dwindling, we’re told. Day in and day out, we seem poised to use up some civilization-critical ingredient, or we might overuse materials to the point of our own downfall. The mindset that makes people believe that we’re perennially on the cusp of some disaster is on display everywhere from the big screen to the big assembly halls. It has been humanity’s plague since we first broke free of the Malthusian constraints that govern every non-human ecology. And never once do we seem to consider that maybe, just maybe, the madmen/economists know something the rest of us don’t.” (05/06/24)

Biden regime rolls out international cybersecurity plan

Source: Politico

“The Biden administration is rolling out a strategy Monday for how to build global cybersecurity cooperation, following years of stepped up threats from China, Russia and cybercriminals. The State Department’s international cybersecurity strategy is the first articulated U.S. global cyber strategy in over a decade. If successful, it could elevate the U.S.’s role globally in countering cyber threats and creating global consensus on artificial intelligence, and position the U.S. against China in setting cybersecurity norms.” (05/06/24)

Very Fine People

Source: The Reframe
by AR Moxon

“I wrote all the words you’ll find between these covers sometime between December 2016 and early 2023. Most were written after August 2017, which was a key date in my rapidly dawning awareness of the true nature of my country. August 2017 is when tiki-torch waving Nazis invaded Charlottesville, Virginia, in defense of treasonous confederate slaveholders and their own perceived supremacy. We know they were Nazis because they were chanting ‘Jews will not replace us,’ and ‘blood and soil,’ and all the other Nazi hits, and because they believed in Nazi causes and utilized Nazi symbology, and so on. August 2017 was also when the White Christian president defended those who marched with the Nazis as ‘very fine people.'” (05/05/24)

Corruption of Adam Schiff Reaching a Tipping Point

Source: Town Hall
by Rachel Alexander

“It is no secret that far left Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff uses sleazy tactics to go after his political opponents. While most members of Congress usually skate on ethics charges, or receive light penalties, once in a great while their behavior is so overtly criminal that they end up prosecuted. Although Democrats are far more likely to use lawfare against Republicans than vice versa, when the behavior is so criminal, even Democrats — such as New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez who is being prosecuted for bribery — can’t escape justice. Schiff is getting dangerously close to this stage.” (05/06/24)

Argentina: Milei denies ordinary Argentines are paying for austerity cuts

Source: BBC News [UK State Media]

“Argentina’s President Javier Milei has denied that it is ordinary Argentines who are paying for his radical austerity measures. In a BBC interview, Mr Milei, who campaigned with a chainsaw to symbolise his desire to slash public spending, insisted that the political class were paying for his huge cuts, not the people. The right-wing economist was voted in after years of high government spending and high debt. Inflation is now starting to fall after it initially soared when he took office in December, but it remains the highest in the world annually. The president’s critics argue millions of Argentines are paying the price for his austerity programme. In the five months since he was sworn in, he has slashed public sector jobs, energy and transport subsidies, and the value of the currency so people’s money is worth less than it was.” (05/06/24)

The Free Palestine Movement Could Finally Make the American Left Dangerous Again

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“[O]ver the last several years I have found what passes for the left in this country, even the ‘far left,’ to be disturbingly unrecognizable. I have seen an increasing willingness by so-called social anarchists to embrace downright authoritarian statism as the solution to nearly every social ill. I have seen seemingly lucid libertarian socialists galvanized behind the DNC’s elderly trojan horse, Bernie Sanders, and his chickenshit saplings in the Squad. I have seen these same so-called leftists lionize neoliberal darlings like the White Helmets and Volodymyr Zelensky while making excuses for sending bombs to their friends in Al-Nusra and the Azov Battalion. … I look to YouTube footage of the anti-Zionist swarms now engulfing college campuses from coast to coast with a level of cautious hope that my broken bleeding heart hasn’t experienced in years.” (05/05/24)

Russia: Ukrainian drone attack in border region kills at least six, governor says

Source: France 24 [French state media]

“A Ukrainian drone attack hit vehicles carrying workers in Russia’s frontier Belgorod region, killing six people and injuring 35, the governor said Monday. Belgorod has come under an increasing number of fatal Ukrainian drone and missile attacks in recent months and Monday’s bombardment is the deadliest in weeks. ‘Unfortunately, as a result of an explosion, six people died at the scene from their wounds,’ Vyacheslav Gladkov said. … The Belgorod government said the vehicles belonged to a meat production facility.” (05/06/24)