The Vain Search For Marijuana in Trick-or-Treat Bags

Source: Town Hall
by Jacob Sullum

“It’s October, which means it’s time for concerned cops and their credulous collaborators in the news media to warn us about the mythical menace of marijuana edibles in trick-or-treat bags. The Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Police Department got a jump on the seasonal panic last week, when it alerted parents to the danger that their kids might receive THC-laced products that look like ordinary treats when they go begging for candy on Halloween. … Jaclyn Lee, the WPVI reporter who wrote that tweet, appended photographs that included packages of ‘Medicated Nerds Ropes,’ which Gas Buds, a California dispensary, sells for $15. You can buy the genuine, unmedicated product from Walmart for a buck. Lee wants us to believe that people are willing to pay that sort of premium for the sake of a mean trick with consequences they would never witness.” (10/06/21)

The Bankruptcy of “Great Power Competition”

by Daniel Larison

“Major powers always have divergent interests to some degree, but how they choose to manage those disagreements determines whether they can coexist as peaceful competitors or whether they condemn themselves to decades of fruitless militarism and strife. What these states decide to do has ramifications not only for their own people, but for many other nations that are caught in between them. Once major powers have decided on a militaristic, confrontational course, it becomes extremely easy for their political leaders to justify any number of atrocities against innocent people in neutral or contested countries in the name of preventing the rival from ‘advancing’ in some peripheral theater. If the Cold War experience is any guide, the countries that end up in the sights of one or both rivals are devastated and take decades and sometimes generations to recover from what was done to them.” (10/06/21)

AZ: Beaten in last three races, Arpaio runs for mayor of Phoenix suburb

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Beaten in his last three elections, former six-term Sheriff Joe Arpaio is attempting another comeback, this time running for mayor of the affluent Phoenix suburb where he has lived for the last two decades. The former lawman on Tuesday announced his entry in the 2022 mayor’s race in Fountain Hills, a town of about 25,000 people on the northeastern edge of metro Phoenix. After getting crushed by a Democratic challenger in 2016 after 24 years as sheriff, Arpaio finished third in a Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in 2018 and second in the GOP primary in his 2020 bid to win back the sheriff’s post. In both comeback attempts, Arpaio lost the vote in Fountain Hills.” (10/06/21)