Free Talk Live, 06/03/21

Source: Free Talk Live

“It’s international whores day :: Former congressman Ron Paul: Bitcoin is money and should be taxed the same :: US Convenience Store Chain Sheetz to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payments :: Fauci Emails :: Sly smuggler uses Border Patrol for free trips home :: Hosts: Captain Kickass, Matt, Ian.” [Flash audio or MP3] (06/03/21)

Biden Borrow and Spend Plan Builds on Trump Legacy and Makes Things Even Worse

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey

“President Joe Biden released his 2022 budget this week. The $6 trillion spending plan offers a glimpse into Biden’s long-term fiscal strategy — borrow and spend to infinity and beyond. This is eerily similar to the Donald Trump fiscal strategy. In fact, this has been the strategy of pretty much every modern presidential administration. Biden is merely building on Trump’s legacy, along with those who came before. Still, the Biden budget would take us to new borrow and spend hights, raising spending to the highest sustained levels since World War II. And here you thought the pandemic emergency was winding down and spending would go back to normal. Well apparently, this is the new normal.” (06/03/21)

If Not Overturned, a Bad Copyright Decision Will Lead Many Americans to Lose Internet Access

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Mitch Stoltz & Lara Ellenberg

“In going after internet service providers (ISPs) for the actions of just a few of their users, Sony Music, other major record labels, and music publishing companies have found a way to cut people off of the internet based on mere accusations of copyright infringement. When these music companies sued Cox Communications, an ISP, the court got the law wrong. It effectively decided that the only way for an ISP to avoid being liable for infringement by its users is to terminate a household or business’s account after a small number of accusations — perhaps only two. The court also allowed a damages formula that can lead to nearly unlimited damages, with no relationship to any actual harm suffered. If not overturned, this decision will lead to an untold number of people losing vital internet access as ISPs start to cut off more and more customers to avoid massive damages.” (06/03/21)

Better Preparation for a Rainy Day

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Elias Tsapelas

“Imagine opening a savings account so that you can put aside some money in case of an emergency. But when you go to the bank, the bank won’t allow you to put as much money in the account as you think you’ll need. And when an emergency arises, you are only allowed to withdraw half of what you had put away. That wouldn’t be a very helpful savings account, would it? That’s essentially how Missouri’s rainy-day fund works today. … While some of the limitations placed on the fund’s use are likely an effort to ward against improper overuse and needed, there’s a fine line between discouraging bad behavior and encouraging inaction. In fact, ever since this version of Missouri’s rainy-day fund was created in 1999, it’s never been used for anything other than cash-flow assistance.” (06/03/21)

Hong Kong: Parking Spot Goes for $1.3 Million, Shattering World Record Amid Space Shortage

Source: Newsweek

“Aparking spot in a luxury estate in Hong Kong sold for $1.3 million, breaking the record for the most expensive parking spot, which sold in 2019 for $1.29 million and is also in Hong Kong. Mount Nicholson, the epitome of extravagant living in Hong Kong, is a residential development in The Peak — a hill on the western half of Hong Kong Island. Developed by Wharf Holdings and the Nan Fung Group, parking spaces in the area are sold to the highest bidder …. ‘It is definitely the most expensive car parking spot in Hong Kong,’ said William Lau, a sales director at Centaline Property Agency’s branch on The Peak. But because the houses on Mount Nicholson are sold on average for nearly $100 million, Lau told the South China Morning Post that owners spending around HK$10 million for a parking spot was not a big deal for them.” (06/03/21)

Liberating Yourself from Faucism

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Barry Brownstein

“The deification of Anthony Fauci is unraveling; it is time to learn a meta lesson. The issue isn’t Anthony Fauci’s failings. The problem is Faucism, the fantastical belief that wise and beneficent experts should rule.” (06/03/21)

SCOTUS’s recent unanimous 9-0 decisions: Are justices sending a message?

Source: Fox News Forum
by Jonathan Turley

“[On] Tuesday the Supreme Court issued two more unanimous decisions in Garland v. Dai and United States v. Cooley. This follows two unanimous decisions last week. The weekly display of unanimity is notable given the calls by Democratic leaders to pack the court. … As we await important and likely divided decisions on issues like abortion, Chief Justice John Roberts and his colleagues seem to be sending a message that the court is not as rigidly ideological as Democratic members and activists suggest.” (06/03/21)