Ukraine War: Kyiv Regime Pushes Allies To Create No-fly Zone In Western Ukraine

Source: Barron’s

“Lacking sufficient anti-aircraft systems to repel Russia’s unrelenting attacks, Ukraine is pushing its European allies to establish a no-fly zone in the west of the country by deploying air defence systems in neighbouring Poland and Romania, officials told AFP. Kyiv would like to create a safe space in western Ukraine where industry, energy infrastructure and civilians can be protected against the massive destruction unleashed by Russian strikes in recent months. … Western countries have been highly cautious about any moves that could lead to direct clashes with Russian forces and drag them into a wider war, which ‘makes this process slow and silent,’ the official said. But the subject could be discussed at the next NATO summit in Washington in early July, according to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna.” (06/28/24)