Biden Should Not Stand in the Way of the ICC

Source: Foreign Policy
by Kenneth Roth

“Rather than recognize that the ICC represents an independent effort to uphold the international rule of law in the much-touted ‘rules-based order,’ a spokesperson for the administration claimed that the court did not have jurisdiction [to issue an arrest warrant for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu]. That is an allusion to the long-standing U.S. opposition to the ICC exercising jurisdiction over the nationals of governments that have not joined the court, even if their alleged crimes were committed on the territory of a government that is a court member. But Washington’s objections to such territorial jurisdiction were overruled by the governments that created the court in Rome more than two decades ago. And the U.S. government effectively abandoned that argument as well after the ICC used territorial jurisdiction in March 2023 to charge Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine.” (05/07/24)