Celebrate freedom?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“A Rapid City Journal headline today told us to ‘celebrate freedom: fireworks, festivities abound for July 4’ and as usual, we here at TPOL recognize that the actual day that the Continental Congress voted to secede from the United Kingdom and the British Empire was on 2 July 1776. That is, 248 years ago today. Yes, we know (from bitter experience) that the work isn’t done until the paperwork is completed. Hence, the 4th of July. But even then, it was still a hard seven-year-long slog of blood, deprivation, and sacrifice of treasure – and liberty – before the Thirteen States truly were free. And in the eyes of many (such as our friend and comrade Boston T Party), just four more years before much of that freedom (and even more liberty) was bartered away for the sake of security. … But today, should we celebrate liberty, enjoy and rejoice in freedom?” (07/02/24)