The Politics of Broken Values and Warped Perspectives

Source: ReImagining Liberty
by Aaron Ross Powell

“It can be difficult to get a handle on just how bad our contemporary political environment has become and, more so, why. Everything just feels broken and so much of it driven not by a clash of philosophies, but instead by the rise and celebration of profoundly ugly values. But it’s not just about ugly values. Yes, there are people out there who openly relish and venerate the worst behaviors and beliefs, and do so out of a self-conscious commitment to being the kind of person most of us, rightly, find unlikeable: Internet trolls, edgelords, dull comedians, duller fringe media figures, etc. We all know someone who hates the world and wants the world to hate them right back. It’s tempting to view everyone who’s given into the ugliness as falling into that camp. … But that’s a mistake.” (07/02/24)