Smash the Fourth and Make America Tribal Again

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“America is a country where the economy can be a booming success while the middle class evaporates and the rest of us starve in the streets. America is a country with a colossal dystopian police state that continues to expand with the full support of both parties even while their own federal agents admit that crime is on the decline. America is a country that maintains a phalanx of nuclear armed bases on nearly every continent on earth while playing the role of the victim to second string despots like Vladimir Putin and the Ayatollah. … But perhaps what’s most disturbing of all is that America is also a country with a population who seems to be very well aware that their government is becoming dangerously dysfunctional and despotic but has resigned itself to the role of hapless observers …” (06/30/24)