The Show Trial of Evan Gershkovich

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“In Russia, the trial — ‘trial’ — of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich is under way. The ‘trial’ is being held in secret, though Gershkovich was displayed—locked in a glass box with his head shaved—for the benefit of the press and the amusement of the Russian people. U.S. Embassy personnel have been banned from the proceedings, as have Gershkovich’s supporters, as have reporters, as have all others who are not carefully pre-screened participants in the show-trial pageant being put on by the state security apparatus. Gershkovich is charged with espionage. There is no evidence that Gershkovich was involved in anything other than journalism, but if you are Vladimir Putin, journalism — real, honest journalism — is at least as much of a danger to your regime as is espionage, and probably more of one.” (06/28/24)