The Free-Market Tories Britain Needed

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Ryan Bourne

“To Americans who only dabble with British politics, the recent TV debate between Labour leader Keir Starmer and Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might have sounded familiar. That’s because the Tory leader’s electoral pitch on economics could have easily come from a Reaganite Republican. ‘Vote Labour, and your family’s taxes will go up substantially,’ was Sunak’s paraphrased message. ‘Not just that, but your fuel bills will jump as Labour ploughs on with unnecessarily rapid plans to decarbonize the economy.’ Here was Sunak sounding like Grover Norquist, warning that Britain’s progressive left would increase people’s taxes and ramp up costly environmental regulations. To which a Brit would say: ‘the brass neck of it!’ Yes, Labour will surely do more tax and spend and regulation than the Conservatives. But Sunak’s own government has been no stranger to growing the state’s footprint and raising taxes aggressively already.” (06/28/24)