Assange’s Freedom Is Also Ours: To Tell the Truth

Source: CounterPunch
by Robert Koehler

“The government got its little triumph: a ‘legal’ acknowledgment of its right to keep monstrous secrets about what it does and punish any unauthorized spilling of the beans as ‘espionage.’ … While such concerns are no doubt worrisome, I don’t think the legal system is a mechanism for seriously addressing them. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was hardly an equal in this hellish controversy. He was in the legal crosshairs of the most powerful country on the planet, which he had had the nerve to defy, by publishing an enormous amount of ‘classified’ — that is to say hidden — data, given to him by government-employed whistleblowers. This is called journalism, no matter that part of the U.S. case against Assange was that he doesn’t count as a real journalist. Mainstream, corporate journalists know how to behave themselves, I guess.” (06/27/24)