NTSB sanctions Boeing over release of 737 MAX investigation details, flags to DOJ

Source: Reuters

“The National Transportation Safety Board said early on Thursday it was sanctioning Boeing for disclosing non-public details of the ongoing investigation into a 737 MAX mid-air emergency and referring its conduct to the Justice Department. The NTSB said Boeing had ‘blatantly violated’ the agency’s investigative regulations by providing ‘non-public investigative information to the media’ and speculating about possible causes of the Jan. 5 Alaska Airlines door plug blowout. The move by Boeing has further deepened the strain between the crisis-hit planemaker and government agencies at a time when it is trying to avoid criminal charges being brought by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) ahead of a July 7 deadline. The NTSB said Boeing would retain its status as a party to the investigation into the Alaska Airlines incident, but it would no longer have access to the information the agency produces during its probe.” [editor’s note: EVERYONE should have access to that information – TLK] (06/27/24)