NYC: Millionaire investment banker filmed punching woman during anti-Israel protest quits job

Source: New York Post

“The millionaire investment banker who slugged a woman in the face in Brooklyn earlier this month has resigned from his job, the company said Monday. Jonathan Kaye, head of the global business services franchise at Manhattan-based Moelis & Co., was caught punching the anti-Israel protester in Park Slope on June 8 in the video, which quickly went viral. … Kaye, who is Jewish, and the unidentified woman reportedly got into a verbal altercation over the Israel-Hamas war. A source close to Kaye told The Post on Monday that he was out getting ice cream for his children when he turned the corner and ran into a group of demonstrators who were taking part in a ‘Queers for Palestine’ protest. The source said Kaye was surrounded by six people who were shouting slurs at him and then was doused with a red and white liquid.” (06/24/24)