Inflation Denialism Is Hurting Media Credibility

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“From our Democratic friends, the shout arises as though in a single voice: ‘There is no inflation problem for Joe Biden!’ That’s a different argument from, say, claims that Republican critics are opportunistically exaggerating Biden’s inflation problem. Consider the curious case of Zachary D. Carter, writing in Slate, which, as we all know, employs lab monkeys escaped from federal cocaine experiments as fact-checkers. Sneering at a Washington Post editorial on inflation as ‘preposterous,’ Carter (and the guy who is in denial about inflation had to be named ‘Carter,’ didn’t he?) insists that the United States currently has lower inflation ‘than any nation in the G7.’ The problem, as with much of what you read in Slate, is that this is not true. I might be wrong — but I don’t think the OECD and the IMF probably are.” (06/11/24)