Why (Almost) Everyone Can Endorse A Liberal Framework

Source: Liberal Current
by Bill Glod

“Many historical and contemporary liberal views argue that coercive political and legal institutions should face a high burden of justification. Because of a presumption in favor of individual liberty, these institutions should not be mechanisms for imposing sectarian views about how the social and political world ought to be for everyone. Rather, they should reflect what (almost) everyone has reason to endorse, whatever their other normative commitments. These include: securing conditions for peaceful interaction, dispute resolution (e.g., conflicts over competing property rights claims), finding coordination points (e.g, contractual boilerplate or traffic regulations), and providing social resources adequate for being recognized as a free and equal member of moral communities. These institutions comprise what I will call a ‘liberal framework’ tasked with protecting basic rights and freedoms such as conscience, association, and property.” (05/09/24)