Will RFK (Jr.) Hold Sway in California?

Source: Hoover Institution
by Bill Whalen

“As California hasn’t witnessed a competitive presidential race since the late 1980s and the twilight of the Reagan era, it’s tempting to assume that the Golden State yet again will not be a questionable factor in 2024’s outcome. That said, let’s take a look at the significance of presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s qualifying for this fall’s California ballot, now that the 70-year-old Kennedy — the nephew of a martyred president and the namesake son of a fabled presidential contender who famously battled for California’s Democratic delegates back in the summer of 1968 before he himself was assassinated — has secured the nomination of the American Independent Party. Could RFK Jr. actually carry the Golden State come November? Don’t bet on it.” (05/09/24)