FreedomWorks collapse marks the end of the Tea Party era

Source: Semafor
by David Weigel

“FreedomWorks, a libertarian political organization that became a major player in the Tea Party movement, is shutting down after its fundraising swooned and a moderate re-brand didn’t take. … Founded in 2004, spun off from the Koch-funded group Citizens for a Sound Economy, FreedomWorks was one of the first right-leaning groups to organize conservative grassroots opposition to the Obama administration in 2009. … The end of FreedomWorks comes a few months after Americans for Prosperity — the other libertarian group created by the 2004 split — abandoned its effort to beat Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary. Neither organization was part of the Republican Party per se. But their retreats confirmed one of the biggest Trump-led changes in the party: The victory of right-wing populism over big-tent libertarianism.” (05/08/24)