Flipping Florida? Abortion Alone Won’t Be Enough

Source: CounterPunch
by Stewart Lawrence

“It may not be a fool’s errand – but it’s close. Biden and the Democrats have announced their intention to vie for Florida’s 30 electoral votes in November. This, notwithstanding the political headwinds they face in a one-time battleground state that has turned decidedly Red of late. … most sober political analysts have concluded that Florida is too far gone at this point to be pulled back ‘Blue.’ So what are Democrats thinking? Abortion, mainly. The state’s 6-week abortion ban just went into effect … leading anti-Trump forces to conclude that the state night be ripe for reconquest. … the real problem with trying to use abortion as a ‘wedge’ issue in Florida is that it may not work as intended. Florida has a long history of seeing ballot measures pass on issues like medical marijuana legalization without those votes carrying over to statewide candidates.” (05/08/24)