Ayn Rand and Beyond: The Future of Liberty in Fiction?

Source: Students For Liberty
by Paramie Jayakody

“Fiction for many years has been cemented as an effective and worthy medium of communicating messages, philosophies, ideas and ideals, with multiple studies and research papers on the subject. Mar and Oatley note that immersing oneself in fictional stories is a form of learning through experience, serving to increase empathy and social inference. This is backed up by evolutionary science, which hypothesizes that fiction transferred knowledge as early as humankind’s foraging days. As per Ray, fiction ‘can be a powerful vehicle for delivering nuanced messages in a more approachable and digestible manner,’ with literary techniques enabling writers to impart their wisdom by subtle means. Why then, are the liberty book lists overrun with non-fiction to an alarming degree, particularly when it comes to modern day works?” (05/07/24)