Trump Says Some Americans Might Like a Dictator. He’s Right.

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“When asked about his authoritarian rhetoric regarding being a ‘dictator for a day’ and ‘suspending the Constitution,’ Trump responded, saying, ‘I think a lot of people like it.’ Now, in fairness, Trump insisted that he was only joking and ‘being sarcastic’ when he said these things. Moreover, he suggested that normal people get it, while the overwrought press (who find joking about these things dangerous and are worried about ‘norms’ and the ‘social fabric’) keep getting trolled by him. This argument breaks down, however, when you consider that some of Trump’s most loyal fans took him seriously and literally when he summoned them to the Capitol on Jan. 6. … is it possible that more than a handful of kooks feel this way? Globally, authoritarianism has always had an appeal.” (05/03/24)