The Cruelty is the Point

Source: CounterPunch
by Paul Street

“The bigger point here isn’t that Noem is a psychopath. It isn’t even that this dog- and goat-killing monster is a state governor with a (now fading) shot at being one heartbeat away from the most dangerous office on Earth early next year. The main thing to note for me is that she is a player in a political system where eliminationist cruelty is seen as a virtue. Let’s not kid ourselves: what Cruella Kristi Noem is trying to signal with her animal-slaughtering tale is her cold-blooded readiness to savagely put down … the broad panoply of insufficiently fascist Americans her sick, Hitler-channeling master Donald ‘Dictator for a Day’ Trump calls ‘the radical left’ and likens to ‘vermin’ who need to [be] exterminated in an act of national purification.” (05/03/24)