CA: Equity director blasts parent “resisters” to district’s agenda in leaked meeting notes

Source: Fox News

“A California director for equity and inclusion director in the Poway Unified School District blasted the parents who disagree with her agenda as ‘resisters,’ according to meeting summary notes obtained by Fox News Digital. The meeting was held by JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion). According to the group’s chair, Casey Doan, it’s organized by the Palomar Council PTA in the Poway Unified School District. Additionally, on the group’s website, they claim to work directly with the district. The meeting notes, which detailed a rare glimpse of the conversations that occur behind closed doors, were found in a private Facebook group called ‘PUSD Parents 4 JEDI’ and were posted by Doan. ‘[H]ere are the Meeting Notes (more a summary than precise minutes). I’ll continue to add to these, so this is a living document,’ she said.” (06/23/22)

Germany takes step closer to gas rationing

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Germany has taken a step closer to gas rationing after a drop in supplies from Russia. The country has triggered the ‘alarm’ stage of an emergency gas plan to deal with shortages, Germany’s economy ministry said. It is the latest part of a standoff between the European Union and Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. German economy minister Robert Habeck said Russia was using gas ‘as a weapon’ in response to EU sanctions. ‘We must not fool ourselves. The cut in gas supplies is an economic attack on us by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,’ Mr Habeck said, adding Germans would have to reduce consumption. Mr Habeck said there would ‘hopefully never’ be a need to ration gas for German industry, but he added: ‘Of course, I can’t rule it out.’ Germany has now moved to the second stage of its three-part emergency plan, which is triggered when there is disruption or very high demand for gas.” (06/23/22)

When Abortion Clinics Had Business Cards: A history of abortions before Roe

Source: In These Times
by staff

“As the Supreme Court revisits a person’s constitutional right [sic] to end an early pregnancy, media outlets have been revisiting what an anti-abortion reality could look like in many states. In 1997, ITT writer and feminist journalist Debbie Nathan covered that ground with her review of Leslie J. Reagan’s book, When Abortion Was a Crime. It turns out, the anti-abortion movement is relatively new. Abortion has been commonplace in the United States from Reconstruction on, a history that offers lessons in healthcare justice, bodily autonomy and dissent. A new preface has been added to Reagan’s book, which is out now through the University of California Press.” (06/23/22)

SCOTUS Again Upholds Double Prosecution and Punishment for the Same Crime

Source: Town Hall
by Jacob Sullum

“The federal government prosecuted Merle Denezpi twice for the same crime. It also punished him twice: the first time with 140 days in a federal detention center, the second time with a prison sentence more than 70 times as long. Although that may seem like an obvious violation of the Fifth Amendment’s ban on double jeopardy, the Supreme Court last week ruled that it wasn’t. As the six justices in the majority saw it, that puzzling conclusion was the logical result of the Court’s counterintuitive precedents on this subject. The Fifth Amendment says no person shall ‘be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.’ But under the Court’s longstanding ‘dual sovereignty’ doctrine, an offense is not ‘the same’ when it is criminalized by two different governments.” (06/22/22)

Let’s Fight WW3 Over Lithuania

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“The problem with anti-imperialists who spend all their time criticizing the evil US empire is that there aren’t nearly enough of them. … People who respond to criticisms of the US by babbling about the misdeeds of other governments are just saying you should never criticize the most powerful government in the world for any reason. … Hey I’ve got a great idea, let’s start World War Three over a NATO country that most Americans don’t even know exists. Liberals learned the word ‘Lithuania’ ten seconds ago and they’re ready to nuke Moscow over it. … If you’re on the front lines risking your own life fighting and killing Russians for Ukraine, I will happily listen to your opinion on why there should be no negotiated settlement to end this war. Otherwise, shut the fuck up you pathetic couch warrior.” (06/22/22)

SC: Cunningham seeks age limit for “geriatric” politicians

Source: Modesto Bee

“Democratic gubernatorial nominee Joe Cunningham is proposing an age limit for South Carolina politicians — a cap that would cut off the 75-year-old incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster — and making a veiled argument that even fellow Democrats like President Joe Biden are ‘staying in office way past their prime.’ ‘Our country and our state are being run by a geriatric oligarchy, people who stay in office way past their prime,’ Cunningham says in a campaign video, provided Wednesday to The Associated Press ahead of its public release. ‘Some of these folks have been clinging onto power for 30, 40, even 50 years,’ Cunningham says. … Cunningham proposes instituting a 72-year-old age limit for South Carolina politicians, a retirement bar already in effect for the state’s judges, and one that would take a constitutional amendment, approved by voters, to implement.” (06/22/22)

Why Progressive Challenger Kina Collins Is Taking on a 25-Year Incumbent

Source: In These Times
by Skyler Aikerson

“In the 2020 Democratic primary for Illinoi’s 7th congressional district, Kina Collins ran against longtime incumbent Rep. Danny K. Davis (D‑Ill.) and won just 13.8 percent of the vote to the 25-year congressman’s 61.4 percent. But while she lost handily two years ago, this time, she says, is different. After ‘the pandemic exposed a lot of urgent crises that require urgent leadership,’ Collins says she decided it was time to ​’step up and tackle some of those problems’ by running again. And she has gained the backing of a host of left electoral groups such as Justice Democrats …. Collins, 31, has been a longtime advocate against gun violence in the area, and helped found the Chicago Neighborhood Alliance which works on community-specific issues including public safety. … Davis, meanwhile, has served as congressman for the district since Collins was five-years-old.” (06/22/22)

WI: Republican legislators reject abortion ban repeal

Source: SFGate

“Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ bid to repeal the battleground state’s dormant abortion ban was headed toward defeat Wednesday, as Republican senators convened and immediately adjourned a special session without taking any action. Wisconsin adopted a ban on abortion except to save the mother’s life in 1849, a year after the territory became a state. The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that essentially legalized abortion nationwide in 1973 nullified the ban. The court is expected to rule this month in a case that could end Roe v. Wade, which would allow Wisconsin’s ban to take effect. Senators had to meet after Evers called the Legislature into special session earlier this month, but they were not required to vote on the issue. Republicans have blasted the move as a political stunt designed to please the Democratic base as Evers faces reelection in November.” (06/22/22)

Return to What?

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“Donald Trump’s political purpose was to enter the arena and kick the cobwebs off a teetering bureaucracy wherein unelected officials outnumber elected officials in Washington D.C. 5,400 to 1. That number comes from the post-Nixon era in which Democrats sought to entrench their gains following Watergate through budgetary expansion and the creation of various government agencies riding the coattails of LBJ’s disastrous social programs. It’s likely the ratio has only increased since then. We see this trend in nearly every government body, especially those with monopoly influence such as the public school system. Budgets tend to favor the expansion of existing agencies and bodies and rarely, if ever, advocate for a reduction in their size. Last night, we witnessed this at Nashville’s Metro Council meeting wherein the Council approved a new $3B budget (more on that below).” (06/22/22)

KY: Police arrest man suspected of attacking Louisville mayor

Source: Fox News

“The Louisville, Kentucky, police department announced it arrested a man in connection to the assault on the city’s mayor, Greg Fischer. ‘Antwon M. Brown … of Louisville was arrested without incident in the assault case of Mayor Greg Fischer,’ the police department announced Tuesday. Fischer was attacked Saturday while visiting Fourth Street Live to celebrate Kentuckiana Pride and Juneteenth. Video footage shows the suspect punch the mayor, causing him to fall to the ground. The police department said Tuesday Fischer is ‘well and appreciates the support he has received.'” (06/22/22)