“Our Constitution Was Made Only for a Moral and Religious People,” part 3

Source: Town Hall
by Mark Lewis

“Our Founders wrote a Constitution specifically stating what the national government could, and could not, do (with checks and balances, frequent elections, separation of powers), thus expressly defining the freedoms of the people and the power government had over them. Most of the power in the American political system was placed in the hands of the states (Bill of Rights, 10th Amendment). The wisdom here is evident in that state (and local) governments are closer to the people and thus more easily controllable. I don’t know Joe Biden, have never met him, and have absolutely no influence over him whatsoever. But the mayor of my town might be my next-door neighbor, and if I don’t like what he is doing, I can go and kick his backside.” (04/20/24)


India: Regime to rerun election at 11 places in Manipur after violence

Source: Reuters

“India, staging the world’s biggest election, will rerun voting at 11 polling stations in the northeastern state of Manipur on Monday after reports of violence and damage to voting machines in the state torn by months of ethnic clashes. The election authorities declared the voting void at the 11 locations and ordered the fresh poll, the chief electoral officer of Manipur said in a statement late on Saturday. Friday marked the start of voting by nearly one billion people in the world’s most-populous country, in an election running through June 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is forecast to win a rare third term on the back of issues such as growth, welfare and Hindu nationalism. The main opposition Congress party had demanded a rerun at 47 Manipur polling stations, alleging that booths were captured and elections were rigged.” (04/21/24)


“The Law Is Simple”: Israel’s Unregulated Nukes Mean Biden Must Halt Military Aid

Source: Common Dreams
by Gerry Condon

The national organization Veterans For Peace is demanding that the Biden administration abide by U.S. law regarding the illegal possession of unregulated nuclear weapons and halt all military aid to Israel. In a letter to President Joe Biden and top members of his administration, Veterans For Peace asserts that U.S. law requires the cutoff of all military aid to Israel because it possesses nuclear weapons in noncompliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Israel does not admit it possesses nuclear weapons, has not signed the NPT, and does not allow inspections of its nuclear arsenal. The letter lists multiple credible reports that Israel has possessed nuclear weapons for decades. Because Israel has not signed the NPT, the Symington-Glenn Amendments to the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976, which allow no presidential discretion, require the suspension of all military aid.” (04/20/24)


CA: Vandals targeting historic Bay Area lampposts for valuable metals

Source: SFGate

“Lake Merritt is one of Oakland’s loveliest spots, especially during the evening golden hour when the ‘Necklace of Lights’ comes to life around the lake. But over the last few weeks, the 126 ornate lampposts that anchor the lake’s signature circle of lights have been the target of vandalism. The city believes thieves are toppling and stealing the almost century-old lampposts and ripping out the wires from the boxes at the bases. It’s a local chapter of a story happening around the country as valuable metals inside the lampposts are harvested for later resale. Jean Walsh, a spokeswoman for the Oakland City Administrator’s Office, told SFGATE in an email that 10 lampposts ‘are down due to a combination of fallen trees and vandalism.'” (04/21/24)


Biden’s Gaza Quagmire: Worse Than Vietnam

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner

“For my generation, the Vietnam War was the catastrophe that destroyed our hopes for a decent America. Vietnam wrecked the most expansive domestic program since the New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society. Vietnam splintered the New Deal coalition, divided the kids from the hard hats, and ushered in a Republican era that undermined civil rights and began the ‘Southern strategy’ of using racism to convert the Dixiecrat Solid South into a Republican Solid South. The defection of the white working class from the Democrats began a long and winding road that led to Donald Trump. If anything, Biden’s quagmire is worse. And so are the consequences. Like Lyndon Johnson, Biden has pursued a stunningly progressive series of economic policies. Unlike Johnson, who had a working majority in Congress that rivaled Roosevelt’s, Biden has done it with fumes. Like Johnson’s Vietnam blunder, Biden’s Gaza war could well cost him re-election.” (04/19/24)


A Story of the Soil and the Soul

Source: Town Hall
by Armstrong Williams

“Hard work, passion, virtue and true grit earmark the American heartland. Anecdotes, generation-spanning farm families and crop innovations speak volumes. They are all children of agriculture. Farming teaches faith in God, food cultivation, animal husbandry, the value of love, the richness of relationships and the growth of character. Farming offers time for reflection — an Aristotelian balance between nourishing and strengthening the physical body and deepening and improving our souls. From my earliest days, the farm was my classroom and nature was my teacher. I learned to treasure my parents, a work ethic, discipline and sacrifice. A diminishing number of Americans are denied that chance today. Engaging in routine daily farm tasks and providing care for the animals instilled accountability and highlighted the precariousness of life, illustrating how it can be either abruptly lost or extinguished over time.” (04/18/24)


Haiti Today, America Tomorrow? When Democracies Die, Mobs Take Over

Source: TomDispatch
by John Feffer

“Haiti has descended into chaos. It’s had no president or parliament — and no elections either –for eight long years. Its unelected prime minister Ariel Henry resigned recently when gang violence at the airport in Port-au-Prince made it impossible for him to return to the country after a trip to Guyana. Haiti is the poorest country in the region, its riches leached out by colonial overlords, American occupying forces, corporate predators, and home-grown autocrats. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also suffered an almost Biblical succession of plagues in recent years. A coup deposed its first democratically elected leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, not once but twice — in 1991 and again in 2004. An earthquake in 2010 killed hundreds of thousands, leaving 1.5 million Haitians homeless, out of a population of less than 10 million. In the wake of that earthquake, nearly a million people contracted cholera, the worst outbreak in history, courtesy of a contingent of U.N. peacekeepers.” (04/18/24)


Dubai airport re-opens after UAE suffers heavy rain

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Operations at Dubai International Airport remain severely disrupted after heavy rains battered the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries. The storm pounded the UAE on Tuesday, flooding roads and the sections of the busy international airport. Flash floods have now killed 20 people in Oman and one in the UAE. Some inbound flights resumed on Thursday, but on the whole Dubai International Airport, a major travel hub, is struggling to function. Many air passengers have told the BBC of scenes of ‘chaos’ at the world’s second-busiest airport, with people unable to travel on their booked flights. Other ‘very anxious’ and disoriented passengers, some travelling with young children, have posted on social media saying that despite confirmed bookings, their tickets are not being processed, because ‘check-in/bag drop/passport control [are] not open.'” (04/18/24)


“Rules-Based Order”: Rules For Thee But Not For We

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“Israel’s allowed to bomb an Iranian consulate, but Iran’s not allowed to strike back. The US is allowed to surround China with war machinery, but it would be World War Three if China ever tried to militarily encircle the US. NATO is allowed to expand to Russia’s doorstep and amass proxy forces on its border, but the last time Moscow placed a credible military threat anywhere near the United States, the US responded so aggressively that the world almost ended. The ‘rules-based international order’ that the US-centralized power structure purports to uphold just means an order in which the US makes up the rules and nations had better obey them. It means rules for thee but not for me.” (04/18/24)


The GOP Must Choose: Pro-Business or Anti-Woke?

Source: Common Dreams
by Dopn Wiener

“In March 2023, a group of House Republicans launched a new Anti-Woke Caucus to ‘root out all far-left political programs from the federal government’ — including those focused on ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, in both hiring and workplace practices. The group wants to ‘protect taxpayer’s [sic] from being forced to fund woke and divisive ideologies.’ Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) chairs the caucus, which has 26 members, half of whom are also members of the far-right, obstructionist House Freedom Caucus. The major difference between the two special interest groups is that the more radical Freedom Caucus seeks to completely change the direction and approach of the House GOP, which it believes is too accommodating to Democrats and the few moderate Republicans still in office.” (04/18/24)