The Threats to Election 2024: The Fragile State of American Democracy [sic]

Source: TomDispatch
by Julian Zelizer & Karen J Greenberg

“Officials and election experts are now struggling in a big-time way. How, they wonder, can they effectively address mounting threats — of violence, election denialism, foreign influence, and voter discrimination? Do they run the risk of alarming the public to the point of reducing voter turnout? Are there reasons to assuage fears about either election disinformation or possible election interference in 2024? Standing in Pointe du Hoc, France, to mark the anniversary of D-Day, President Biden told the world that those who fought in that pivotal battle are ‘asking us to do our job: to protect freedom in our time, to defend democracy’. Election security would be a good place to start. Perhaps one way to assess the question of election stability and security in 2024 is to ask: How different is this election from earlier tumultuous ones in American history?” (06/27/24)