Lawsuit alleges UNRWA “aided and abetted” Hamas in October 7 attack by sending $1 billion to Gaza

Source: SFGate

“The United Nations Relief and Works Agency ‘aided and abetted’ Hamas’[s] Oct. 7 terror attack in Israel by sending $1 billion in aid to Gaza — cash that the group swiped to smuggle weapons and explosives into the country, a new federal lawsuit claimed. UNRWA has continued to send money from its bank account in Manhattan into the war-torn territory to fund schools, hospitals and pay staffers despite knowing that Hamas has been able to siphon part of the cash to fund terror attacks, the suit charged. ‘Hamas did not carry out these atrocities without assistance,’ reads a complaint filed on Monday in Manhattan federal court by around 100 Israeli plaintiffs, including survivors of the Oct. 7 attack.” (06/26/24)