Trump-Biden Drinking Game

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“I realize the first debate isn’t until Thursday, and I do have a Thursday Townhall column, so I could have saved this until then. However, if I had, this might have required those interested in playing to have to scramble to obtain the absolutely crushing amount of booze that you’d run risk of your local liquor store running out or thinking you’re a Kennedy. Best to give everyone a chance to plan; to give the boss a heads up that you may be late Friday morning or in the hospital having your stomach pumped. Since it’s best to avoid the latter (if you’re late, that’s on you), I’d suggest you just take a sip each time one of these things happens. What you’re drinking will determine just how much you regret watching, but the odds are pretty high you’ll regret watching no matter what.” (06/25/24)