WaPo editor drama only exposes its lack of “ethics” after debasing Trump for years

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“Morale is plummeting in the viper’s nest that passes for the Washington Post newsroom. Not because readers are deserting the paper in droves. Not because the newspaper lost $77 million last year. The oh-so-ethical journalists of the WaPo couldn’t care less about such trivialities. They’re too busy finding ways to cover up Joe Biden’s corruption or swallowing new Deep State lies about Donald Trump’s ‘existential threat to democracy.’ They’re just upset that the paper’s owner, Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos, wants to stem the bleeding and has installed new management to carry out his wishes.” [editor’s note: Well, DeVine’s credentials in lacking ethics are indisputable, so I guess we should accept her as an expert witness – TLK] (06/23/24)