The Right Sort of Nostalgia Makes Democracy [sic] Work Better

Source: Town Hall
by Salena Zito

“For a brief moment, it was like stepping back in time when a series of 1920s Bentley Roadsters chugged up along the ridge of the winding Lincoln Highway in the mountains of Somerset County. The drivers and passengers alike were wearing goggles, their scarves billowing in the wind. The smiles on their faces, so carefree and joyful, were something you wished you could bottle and save for yourself. It was only when an 18-wheeler with bright Dollar General signs on both sides came barreling up behind them that the whimsical spell was broken. What is it about seeing something from the past that makes us want to capture a long-gone part of time that either we’ve experienced in our childhoods, or with which our parents or grandparents have captivated us through storytelling?” (05/07/24)