Report: Major Chinese car company already has a Cybertruck knockoff

Source: SFGate

“Tesla’s Cybertrucks first rolled onto customers’ driveways last November, arriving to both derision and praise for their unique appearance. But its severe, angular profile isn’t so unique anymore: A very similar-looking vehicle showed up this week at the 2024 Beijing auto show. The massive vehicle exhibition (NPR called it ‘the Super Bowl, except for cars’) hosts major automakers from across the globe in China’s capital from April 25 to May 5. In a huge conference hall, companies showed both cars already in production and concept vehicles, meant to showcase new styles and tech. Among these one-offs was a car from Chinese automaker Dongfeng that looked a whole lot like Elon Musk’s Cybertrucks. Wuhan-based Dongfeng is one of China’s ‘Big Four’ state-owned car companies. The firm sells more than 2 million cars a year, mostly through joint ventures with automakers like Honda, Nissan and Peugeot.” (05/06/24)