RRND Email Full Text (Scheduled)

  • UK: Zelenskyy makes surprise visit as Kyiv regime seeks more war aid

    Source: Axios

    “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday paid a surprise visit to the United Kingdom, which has become one of the country’s biggest backers in its war against Russia. It’s just his second known trip out of Ukraine — and his first to Britain — since the invasion began in February 2022. … Before meeting Zelensky at 10 Downing St., U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced Wednesday that Britain would train more Ukrainian troops and fighter jet pilots. … Zelensky is also expected to address Parliament and meet King Charles III.” (02/08/23)


  • MO: State employees kill innocent prisoner

    Source: NBC News

    “A Missouri man convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend and her three young children was [killed by state employees] Tuesday despite that he was in another state when the killings occurred. Raheem Taylor, 58, was the third Missouri inmate [killed by state employees] since November at the state prison in Bonne Terre. It was the nation’s fifth [officially sanctioned killing of a prisoner by state employees] this year, following a previous [killing] in Missouri, two in Texas and one in Oklahoma. All were by lethal injection. … Taylor, who previously went by the first name Leonard, long [noted] that he was in California when Angela Rowe, her 10-year-old daughter Alexus Conley, 6-year-old daughter AcQreya Conley, and 5-year-old son Tyrese Conley were killed in 2004.” (02/08/23)


  • France: Farmers drive tractors to Paris to protest pesticide ban

    Source: Seattle Times

    “Hundreds of farmers drove their tractors through Paris on Wednesday to amplify their demand to be allowed to use banned pesticides on sugar beets and other crops to ensure ‘food sovereignty’ for France. Entering the French capital through a southern gateway, the farmers’ convoy rolled to the gold-domed Invalides monument, site of Napoleon’s tomb. The farmers were protesting what the national farming union FNSEA claims will be the disappearance of French farmers who are competing with cheaper imported products and facing multiple other challenges. The French government decided last month to ban the use of neonicotinoids, which are chemicals used to killing infects that eat plants, following a decision by the European Court of Justice to end a dispensation granted for the class of insecticides. Farmers notably fear for their sugar beet crops.” (02/08/23)


  • IRS gang urges millions of victims to delay filing extortion compliance reports

    Source: KDVR News

    “The Internal Revenue Service is telling millions of taxpayers who received special state tax refunds or payments to delay filing their 2022 taxes. ‘There are a variety of state programs that distributed these payments in 2022 and the rules surrounding them are complex,’ the IRS said in a statement. ‘We expect to provide additional clarity for as many states and taxpayers as possible next week.’ The IRS said it is ‘aware of questions’ surrounding the relief efforts that were crafted by states in different ways and under different rules.” (02/07/23)


  • Indonesia: Separatist fighters take New Zealand pilot hostage

    Source: CNN

    “Separatist fighters in Indonesia’s restive Papua region have captured a pilot from New Zealand and are holding him hostage after setting fire to his plane, the group said in a statement. The pilot, identified by local police as Philip Merthens, was captured after landing a commercial charter flight at Paro Airport in the remote highlands of the Nduga regency on Tuesday. Five passengers including a baby were on the Susi Air flight, but it remains unclear what has happened to them, Papua Police Chief Inspector Mathius Fakhiri told reporters on Tuesday. A search team made up of police and military personnel has been sent to the area. On Tuesday, the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) said it had burned the plane in an airfield and ‘arrested’ the pilot before taking him hostage.” (02/08/23)


  • NC: Resident shoots, kills home invader

    Source: WRAL News

    “Vance County deputies say an intruder was shot and killed after entering a home on Friday.
    Deputies found three people had been shot, including two who lived there, at a home on the 100 stretch of Kelly Road as they responded to a home invasion. Jay Edwards Davis Jr. was found dead inside the home. The two residents were taken to the hospital. The violent home invasion left Felicia Trowbridge’s front door shot out with glass shattered all over her front porch. She’s trying to make sense of it all as deputies look for all of the suspects involved.” (02/07/23)


  • More Pork! And the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
    by David Post

    “In a posting a few days ago, I discussed the Nat’l Pork Producers’ Council v. Ross case now before the Supreme Court, in which the NPPC is challenging, on “dormant commerce clause” grounds, a California law that makes it unlawful to sell pork in CA if the seller knows (or should know) that the meat came from a breeding pig that was confined ‘in a cruel manner’ (as defined in the statute). The NPPC has two main arguments, the most prominent being that the law represents improper ‘extra-territorial’ law-making, inasmuch as it amounts, in effect, to compelling out-of-state pork breeders to change their business practices. … Their second argument, which I admitted had me scratching my head, is that the law imposes, in NPPC’s words, ‘excessive burdens on interstate commerce without advancing any legitimate local interest.'” (02/08/23)


  • The Synthetic Killers of Tomorrow’s Tyranny

    Source: Libertarian Institute
    by Kym Robinson

    “The future will bring with it a harmony between software and hardware that will defy even the imagination of fiction masters like Crichton or Isaac Asimov. Technology will enable great feats of accomplishment and will solve problems and serve humanity, though it will also serve human beings with nefarious ambitions. At present, for most human beings the concept of humanity is government dominated. It is the central authority that rules, as experts and planners who apparently know better devise and concoct solutions that supposedly safeguards and improves life. The belief is that this hierarchy is benevolent. It’s then innately understood by many that such technology should only be in the hands of such masters who are also somehow servants of the collective itself.” (02/08/23)


  • Trump Is Not a “Dove”

    Source: Eyes on the Right
    by Damon Linker

    “This is a post about how we in the media think and talk about Donald Trump’s campaign to recapture the White House. A recent article in Politico gave us a good example of how not to proceed. Its title, which distills and exemplifies the problem, is this: ‘Trump’s ’24 Game Plan: Be the Dove Among the Hawks.’ … My objection to this story has to do with the use of the term ‘dove’ to describe Trump’s position, implying he’s some kind of peacenik in comparison with the ‘hawkish’ warmongers on the other side. That is at best misleading and at worst an outrightly dishonest way to think and talk about Trump’s stance toward the world. And the alternative favored by some foreign policy ‘realists’ — saying Trump favors ‘restraint’ — is little better.” (02/08/23)


  • How Meghan and Harry Ignited a War Against Free Speech

    Source: Foundation for Economic Education
    by Jess Gill

    “The whole narrative that Meghan and Harry have pushed, from the Oprah Winfrey interview, the documentary and Harry’s autobiography, is that the British media is out to get them. The Netflix documentary has been exposed for using fake paparazzi photos to depict the press hounding the couple. After making insensitive comments, comparing killing twenty five members of the Taliban on the battlefield to ‘chess pieces removed from the board,’ Harry received backlash from veterans and grieving soldiers. Instead of taking accountability for his sloppy words, Harry blamed the British media for spreading ‘the dangerous lie’ that he was bragging about his experience in Afghanistan. … It should not be seen as acceptable for a member of the Royal Family to attack and blame the press so frequently. While the Royal Family do not have explicit power over legislation, they do have influence over public opinion which could shape legislation.” (02/08/23)


  • Is the Debt Ceiling Lunacy?

    Source: American Institute for Economic Research
    by William J Luther

    “The United States is bumping up against the debt ceiling once again. The Treasury department has begun taking extraordinary measures to ensure it can continue to service its debts on time. Secretary Yellen has said these measures should be sufficient until June. Some project they might work until August. Many pundits act as if there is no good reason to have a debt ceiling. They say Congress implicitly approves an increase in debt when it passes revenue and spending bills. They think requiring Congress to explicitly raise the limit on issuing debt is unnecessary and — since it increases the odds of default — unnecessarily risky. Some go so far as to describe it as lunacy. … I don’t buy the implicit consent argument. And I don’t think the debt ceiling is lunacy.” (02/08/23)


  • Is Ron DeSantis Just Scott Walker 2.0?

    Source: The Dispatch
    by Jonah Goldberg

    “‘In the Republican field, there are some who are good fighters. They haven’t won those battles. There are others who have won elections but haven’t consistently taken on the big fights,’ the golden boy of the right says, straight to camera. ‘I’ve done both.’ Sound like a suitable ad for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ eventual presidential campaign debut? Those were actually words from former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s 2015 announcement video. It may seem like a lifetime ago, but there was a time when Walker was the ‘fighter’ Republicans craved. … For months, Walker dominated the polls in neighboring Iowa. In late February 2015 he led the rest of the field by more than 2-1. By April, he was leading in New Hampshire, too. In September, he dropped out of the race.” (02/08/23)


  • It’s time to take Cuba off the terror list

    Source: Responsible Statecraft
    by William LeoGrande

    “The Biden administration has been promising for two years to reconsider the designation made by President Trump just a few days before leaving office — a parting shot designed to reward his Cuban American supporters and complicate President Biden’s relations with Havana. That review has yet to happen. The main rationale Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered for putting Cuba back on the list was Cuba’s refusal to hand over to the Colombian government guerrilla leaders of the National Liberation Army. The rebels were in Havana for peace talks with the Colombian government, co-sponsored by Cuba and Norway. In 2020, conservative President Ivan Duque broke off the talks and called for Trump to declare Cuba a sponsor of terrorism for harboring the negotiators. President Petro has now restarted the talks, asking Cuba and Norway to once again to act as guarantors, negating Pompeo’s rationale.” (02/08/23)


  • Vaccine Nationalism: China’s and Ours

    Source: CounterPunch
    by Dean Baker

    “In the last year or so there have been many people who complained about China’s ‘vaccine nationalism.’ This generally meant the country refused to approve the U.S. mRNA vaccines. The claim was that our mRNA vaccines were far superior to China’s old-fashioned dead virus vaccines. The argument went that the country needed to maintain its zero Covid policy, otherwise, the pandemic would devastate its unprotected population. Well, we have now gotten the opportunity to test that claim.” (02/08/23)


  • Does Government Create a “Level Playing Field” or Does It Make the Field More Uneven?

    Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
    by George Ford Smith

    “If people, regardless of income, had the choice of keeping what they earned, how many would instead turn it over to the government? In all likelihood, they would avoid all thieves, who have a way of wasting what they steal. Instead, people would likely direct more of their money into philanthropic activities, as the super rich did before the Sixteenth Amendment made income theft legal. We need to ask ourselves: Is thievery necessary for civilization? Does making it legal make it any less larcenous?” (02/08/23)


  • So Much for Sanctions on Russia

    Source: Antiwar.com
    by Ted Snider

    “In February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the US orchestrated a perhaps unprecedented sanctions clampdown on Russia. A month later, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen declared with certainty that ‘the Russian economy will be devastated as a consequence of what we’ve already done.’ She was wrong. The sanctions on Russia have failed to achieve their primary goal: they have not forced Russia to end its war with Ukraine. They have even failed to achieve the means to that goal: they have not devastated the Russian economy.” (02/08/23)


  • Despite His Record, Donald Trump Plans To Run as an Anti-War Republican

    Source: Reason
    by Joe Lancaster

    Politico reports that to distinguish himself from potential candidates like Haley or former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump will run as ‘an anti-war dove amongst the hawks.’ But while a forceful nudge in an anti-war direction would be a welcome development for the party, Trump’s record casts doubt on his seriousness. Trump’s reflexive opposition to foreign entanglements was part of his appeal during his 2016 candidacy. … But Trump’s record once elected did not reflect the promise of a more constrained foreign policy.” (02/07/23)


  • Inconvenient views

    Source: EconLog
    by Scott Summer

    “I believe we should all strive to hold some inconvenient views. That is, we should hold views about how the world works that might weaken support for our policy preferences. For instance, I believe that drug legalization would increase the use of narcotics. That view is somewhat inconvenient, as I support drug legalization (for a wide variety of reasons). A recent comment reminds me of another inconvenient view that I hold. Mark Barbieri suggested: ‘When I suggest that we could solve the illegal immigration policy by increasing the amount of legal immigration to accommodate most the people that want to come here, suddenly there is another objection.’ [I believe he meant, ‘solve the illegal immigration problem.] I’d like to believe that Mark is correct, as I support his policy recommendation. Unfortunately, I do not believe this would solve the illegal immigration problem, for several reasons …” (02/07/23)


  • The mainstream media have given up on truth

    Source: spiked
    by Jenny Holland

    “At the end of January, one of the most experienced and well-respected figures in American media authored an op-ed in the Washington Post. In it, Leonard Downie Jr essentially throws the entire idea of objective truth under the proverbial bus. Downie was executive editor of the Washington Post for nearly two decades, and was one of the editors who worked on the famed Watergate story that led to President Nixon’s resignation. In the op-ed published last month, he writes that ‘truth-seeking news media must move beyond whatever ‘objectivity’ once meant to produce more trustworthy news.’ I thought I couldn’t get any more disappointed in or cynical about the mainstream media, but even a jaded old-timer like me finds it difficult to accept how far this industry has fallen.” (02/07/23)


  • Quantum Vibe, 02/07/23

    Source: Big Head Press
    by Scott Bieser

    Cartoon. (02/07/23)


  • Don’t Let Storm Lessons Drain Away

    Source: Independent Institute
    by K Lloyd Billingsley

    “Recent rainstorms caused flooding and power outages across northern California but also helped replenish the state’s water supply. On the other hand, as many Californians learned, storms can also reveal government incompetence.” (02/07/23)