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  • Modern Land becomes latest Chinese developer to miss a bond payment

    Source: Financial Times [UK]

    “Modern Land has become the latest Chinese developer to miss a payment on a dollar bond in a sign of continuing turmoil in the country’s property sector despite Evergrande, its most indebted group, narrowly avoiding a potential default last week. Modern Land said that principal and interest payments on a bond worth $250m were ‘not met’ by a Monday deadline. … Fantasia and Sinic, two other Chinese developers, have defaulted on their debt, while fresh data last week showed the overall industry contracted in the third quarter. On Monday Xinhua, the country’s official news agency, published an interview with an unnamed ‘person of authority,’ believed by some analysts to be vice-premier Liu He, which called for China to take measures to ‘reduce the reliance on real estate and debt’ and reiterated the government’s intention to stamp out property market speculation.” (10/26/21)


  • Brazil: Senators ask high court to suspend Bolsonaro from social media

    Source: Daily Mail [UK]

    “Brazil senators have asked the country’s high court to suspend President Jair Bolsonaro from social media after he claimed the Covid-19 vaccine was linked to AIDS. The Senators on Tuesday called for the president to be barred indefinitely from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram after he cited non-existent ‘official reports’ from the British government allegedly finding fully vaccinated people are developing AIDS ‘much faster than expected.’ Bolsonaro made the claim on Thursday in his weekly live address on Facebook, which has removed the video for violating its policies on spreading misinformation. … The request came as the Senate commission, which has spent the past six months investigating the Bolsonaro government’s pandemic response, prepared to vote on a damning final report. It recommends the president face multiple charges, including crimes against humanity, for downplaying Covid-19 and flouting expert advice on containing it.” (10/26/21)


  • Verizon partners with Amazon to use tech giant’s satellite internet system for rural broadband

    Source: CNBC

    “Verizon is partnering with Amazon to use the tech giant’s coming satellite internet system to expand rural broadband access in the United States, the companies announced Tuesday. ‘We’re proud to be working together to explore bringing fast, reliable broadband to the customers and communities who need it most,’ Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a statement. Amazon is working on Project Kuiper, a network of 3,236 satellites that it plans to use to provide high-speed internet to anywhere in the world. While Amazon has yet to launch its first Kuiper satellites, the Federal Communications Commission last year authorized the system and the company has said that it plans to ‘invest more than $10 billion’ in Kuiper. The companies’ partnership will see Verizon use Amazon’s system as an extension of its terrestrial service, with Kuiper adding ‘cellular backhaul solutions to extend Verizon’s 4G/LTE and 5G data networks,’ the companies said.” (10/26/21)


  • Biden sets new rules to impede travel to the US as it supposedly reopens

    Source: BBC News [UK state media]

    “The White House has outlined new rules for foreign travellers to the US, as flight restrictions lift for the first time since the pandemic began in 2020. The plan to reopen the US border next month to foreign flights includes a requirement that almost all foreign visitors be vaccinated against Covid. The US travel ban has grown to include dozens of countries, including the UK, much of Europe, China and India. The travel industry has been asking for US President Joe Biden to lift the ban. … The proclamation signed by Mr Biden on Monday says that airlines will be required to check travellers’ vaccination status before they can board departing planes.” (10/26/21)


  • Sudan: Capital locked down after military takeover triggers deadly unrest

    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [Canadian state media]

    “Roads were blocked, shops were shut, phones were down and people queued for bread in Sudan on Tuesday, a day after the army seized power in a coup that triggered unrest in which at least seven people were killed. Life came to a halt in the capital Khartoum and its twin city Omdurman across the Nile, with roads blocked either by soldiers or by barricades erected by protesters. Calls for a general strike could be heard blaring from mosque loudspeakers. … The leader of the takeover, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan …. announced a state of emergency, saying the armed forces needed to protect safety and security. He promised to hold elections in July 2023 …. The Sudan information ministry, still loyal to Hamdok, said on its Facebook page the transitional constitution gave only the prime minister the right to declare an emergency and the military’s actions were a crime.” (10/26/21)


  • Europol claims 150 merchants abducted in global Dark Web suppression operation

    Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

    “Police around the world have [abducted] 150 suspects involved in buying or selling illegal goods online in one of the largest-ever stings on the dark web, according to Europol. Operation DarkHunTOR also [stole] millions of euros in cash and Bitcoin, as well as drugs and guns, the European Union’s police agency said on Tuesday. The bust stems from a German-led police sting earlier this year taking down the ‘world’s largest’ dark web marketplace, which had been used by its alleged operator, an Australian, to facilitate the sale of drugs, stolen credit card data and malware.” (10/26/21)


  • Pentagon confirms nearly 450 Americans still in Afghanistan

    Source: Fox News

    “The Pentagon stated Tuesday that nearly 450 American citizens are still in Afghanistan following August’s U.S. military withdrawal, more than the Biden administration has previously claimed. The latest tally came from Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl, after Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., pointed to what he believed were contradictory or at least ‘confusing’ numbers that the administration has presented since the August 31 withdrawal. … Inhofe noted that the Biden administration ‘always said 100 to 200 U.S. citizens left in Afghanistan,’ but now says it ‘has already withdrawn 234 and is in contact with 363 others, 176 of whom want to leave,’ citing numbers the State Department provided last week. ‘Now if we can figure this out you’re doing a lot better than I have done,’ Inhofe said.” (10/26/21)


  • Tesla surpasses $1 trillion valuation after Hertz order

    Source: BBC News [UK state media]

    “Tesla surpassed a market value of $1 trillion on Monday, making it the fifth such firm to reach the milestone. Shares in the electric carmaker climbed 12.6% after it struck a deal to sell 100,000 vehicles to the car rental firm Hertz. Tesla has been the world’s most valuable carmaker for some time, but brands like Ford and GM make more cars. Previously only Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google-owner Alphabet have reached a $1tn valuation. For years, Tesla struggled to ramp up production of its cars, leading some investors to speculate it would fail. But last year the company, led by billionaire Elon Musk, upped its game and became profitable for the first time, prompting its shares to take off.” (10/26/21)


  • Will All Of America Go On Strike?

    Source: Town Hall
    by Stephen Moore

    “If you think the supply chain problems, empty shelves in stores and higher inflation are problems now, wait a few weeks; they are likely to get worse. … Here’s one prominent reason the supply shortage of goods from fruits and vegetables to gasoline to toys for Christmas will go from a headache to a crisis. We are now witnessing the end of four decades of labor peace in America. Two prominent companies, Kellogg’s and John Deere, face strikes with thousands of workers walking off the job. The United Auto Workers strike against John Deere is the first labor unrest at the large Illinois plant since the mid-1980s. Kellogg’s last had a work stoppage in 1972. We already have nearly 11 million unfilled jobs thanks to super-generous welfare benefits.” (10/26/21)


  • Why Business Owners Can’t Just “Pass on” Tax Costs to Consumers

    Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
    by Connor Mortell

    “White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed in a recent press briefing in response to Biden’s intent to raise taxes on large companies that ‘[t]here are some who argue that, in the past, companies have passed on these costs to consumers …. We feel that that’s unfair and absurd, and the American people would not stand for that.’ This has drawn heavy criticism from right-wing politicians including Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw, who tweeted out a link to the comments with the caption ‘Economics is hard.’ The Representative is right to imply that sometimes those not trained in economics can miss basic points; however, it appears that he should really be pointing the finger at himself. This is because sound economics teaches us that price is determined ultimately by the consumer.” [editor’s note: Price is ultimately determined by the customer, not the consumer – TLK] (10/26/21)


  • Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”

    Source: Center for a Stateless Society
    by Laurence Labadie & Eric Fleischmann

    “Laurence Labadie’s ‘Anarchism Applied to Economics’ was first published in 1933 as a pamphlet via the International Anarchist Group of Detroit …. Labadie uses this piece to explain from first principles the development of value from production and exchange to explain the logic of a free market system and the economic absurdity of the state and its interventions. In this way, it resembles the Robinson Crusoe style of many libertarian treatises, however, it goes further to contain, as almost all mutualist writing does, a condemnation of interest, rent, and profit; those deplorable weapons of wealth acquisition that earlier individualist anarchist Dyer Lum calls ‘the triple heads of the monster against which modern civilization is waging war.'” (10/26/21)


  • What Sudan’s protesters have that the military does not

    Source: Christian Science Monitor
    by staff

    “During his two years as Sudan’s civilian leader, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok often justified reforms as ‘preserving’ the dignity of the people. The inherent worth of women, for example, gave them rights and freedoms over their types of clothing in a largely Muslim country. On Oct. 25, the British-trained economist expressed a similar dignity after the military took full power and put him under house arrest. The generals asked him to issue a statement in support of the coup. He refused.” (10/25/21)


  • America Can’t Fix Its Doctor Shortage without Fixing Federal Financing

    Source: National Review
    by Robert Orr

    “The United States is facing a critical shortage of doctors. Our health-care system produces fewer physicians per person than virtually every other developed country. Of the doctors we do train, most opt for high-paying specialties instead of pursuing careers in primary care. The result has been a persistent gap in primary-care access despite soaring levels of spending, now exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. At the root of our primary-care shortage is America’s broken system of graduate medical education. Becoming a doctor in the U.S. requires at least eight years of post-secondary education, plus three to nine years of training in postgraduate residency and fellowship programs. The average doctor graduates holding over $240,000 in student debt. … In comparison, European doctors typically go through dedicated six-year medical programs that often build in more clinical experience to get newly minted physicians into practice as quickly as possible.” (10/26/21)


  • “Not guilty” should be the default

    Source: Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog
    by Kent McManigal

    “If you were a juror and had a bad feeling about the accused, but the government didn’t prove its case against him, what would you do? You should render a verdict of ‘not guilty’ anyway. ‘Not guilty’ should always be the default. It’s the government’s ‘job’ to prove their case to move you away from that position, but you aren’t obligated to move an inch. ‘Not guilty’ doesn’t mean you’re sure he didn’t do it. It doesn’t mean you think he’s a great guy. It doesn’t mean you don’t believe he’s ever done anything else wrong. It just means the government didn’t prove its case to your satisfaction — or that the legislation he’s accused of violating in this instance is counterfeit.” (10/26/21)


  • Expand Medicare, or Say Hello Again to Senate Majority Leader McConnell

    Source: Common Dreams
    by Deborah Burger

    “Ask any nurse and they will tell you: dental, vision and hearing care are fundamental aspects of health care. And yet right now, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is a major impediment to finalizing the Build Back Better reconciliation bill in Congress, including a Medicare expansion plan that is wildly popular. That’s the reporting from various news sources about the latest negotiations about how much to eliminate from President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Manchin, the Washington Post and CNN reported Monday, wants to kill the proposal to expand traditional Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing benefits — long a major gap [sic] in Medicare and a source of economic crisis for many seniors. Older Americans are often of the hidden face of poverty in the United States.” [editor’s note: Notice how the priority is keeping your team in power, rather than sane economic policy – SAT] (10/26/21)


  • The deletion of Novara Media is an outrage

    Source: spiked
    by staff

    “Corbynista YouTube channel Novara Media has been deleted, in what looks to be the latest example of Big Tech extending its censorious writ over UK political discussion. According to a statement from Novara, its channel was binned without warning or explanation by YouTube this morning. Novara is demanding the channel be reinstated immediately, and anyone who believes in free speech should support this. Free speech is for cringey pseuds, too. We at spiked may disagree with their identitarian, jargon-laden word salads, but we will defend to the death their right to say them.” (10/26/21)


  • Boston Celtics’ Kanter torches Nike for remaining “silent” on China’s slave labor

    Source: Fox News

    “Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter continued on his campaign lambasting China on Monday, and this time he called out Nike for refusing to speak out against the country’s use of slave labor and other injustices. He even suggested that slave labor was involved in the making of Nike products. In a video posted to his Twitter account Monday, Kanter began by giving Nike credit for speaking out against ‘injustices’ in the United States, before ripping the company for not doing the same thing against injustices in China. ‘When it comes to China, Nike remains silent,’ the NBA star said. ‘You do not address police brutality in China. You do not speak about discrimination about the LGBTQ community. You do not say a word about the oppression of minorities in China. You are scared to speak up … Who makes your shoes in China? Do you even know?” (10/26/21)


  • The Treason of the Healers

    Source: Brownstone Institute
    by Thomas Harrington

    “In 1927, the French intellectual Julien Benda published La Trahison des Clercs …. The book is a searing indictment of the role played by intellectuals from both sides of the First World War in fanning the flames of that devastating conflict which raised the threshold of man’s capacity for murder and destruction to theretofore unimaginable levels. … As the twentieth century advanced, the turn-of-the-century writer was gradually supplanted at the apex of the new social communion by the man of science, and especially, by the figure of the physician. … it did not take long to discover that the newly ascendant men of science were just as prone as Benda’s treasonous writers to abuse the institutional powers conferred on them by society and the state in order to pursue narrowly subscribed, and often deeply inhumane, campaigns of bullying and/or human experimentation.” (10/26/21)


  • Capitalism Is Violence: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

    Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
    by Caitlin Johnstone

    “I always get people telling me, ‘Capitalism just means free trade.’ No it doesn’t, that’s just some stupid nonsense libertarian types started saying a few years ago. Capitalism means what the Marxists who coined and popularized the term have been saying it means since the 1800s: the owners of the means of production exploiting workers by paying them a fraction of the wealth they generate. Capitalism is a system which financially coerces those who have nothing to sell but their labor to sell it to the owners of the means of production, necessarily at a price that is far below the amount of value they generate and with no influence over the industries they are powering with their work.” (10/26/21)


  • What We Talk About When We Talk About the “Blob”

    Source: Eunomia
    by Daniel Larison

    “[T]here doesn’t have to be total unanimity on every single issue for there to be a ‘Blob’ with a narrow range of views, a propensity for groupthink, and a preference for hawkishness and ‘do somethingism.’ Two enforcers of foreign policy orthodoxy might have a vigorous debate about applying sanctions to a particular country, but they would join together to condemn the person saying that sanctions are unjust and wrong. There may be room to argue over adding new security commitments, but if you want to prune some you will find there is no room left. There are core assumptions about the U.S. role in the world that have to be accepted if you are going to be accepted, and if you question or reject those assumptions you will receive no hearing. This seems undeniable and obvious.” (10/26/21)


  • What the CIA Is Hiding in the JFK Assassination

    Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
    by Jacob G Hornberger

    “With President Biden succumbing to the CIA’s demand to continue keeping the CIA’s records relating to the Kennedy assassination secret, the question naturally arises: What is the CIA still hiding? (See my blog post of yesterday entitled ‘Surprise! Biden Continues the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up.’) To understand what they are still hiding and why they are still hiding it, it’s necessary to go back to the 1990s during the era of the Assassination Records Review Board — and even further back than that to November 22, 1963 — the day that Kennedy was assassinated.” (10/26/21)


  • Climate chaos: The global threat multiplier of our time

    Source: Responsible Statecraft
    by Anatol Lieven

    “The Biden administration has declared — correctly — that climate change is an existential threat to the United States and should be a U.S. national priority. In practice however, U.S. foreign and security policy continues to give priority to ‘traditional’ great power threats from China, Russia and Iran; threats that are in fact minor compared to that of climate change, and do not threaten the lives and well-being of ordinary American citizens. This is not a failure of the Biden administration alone. Rather, it stems from deeply embedded cultures, traditions, and interests within the U.S. establishment as a whole.” (10/26/21)


  • Biden’s socialist budget torches his no-tax-hike promises and targets poor, black smokers

    Source: Fox News Forum
    by Deroy Murdock

    “Joe Biden repeatedly has pledged to raise taxes only on the affluent. ‘I promise you, you have my word, if you make less than $400,000 a year, you won’t pay a penny more in taxes,’ the president told voters in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 30, 2020. According to Americans for Tax Reform, Biden publicly expressed these or equivalent remarks at least 41 other times. These are mere words to Biden. He is working furiously to send these 42 commitments up in smoke, quite literally. Biden’s highly fluid, accounting-trick laden Build Back Better plan could wind up costing between $1 trillion and $5.7 trillion, once feuding Democrats choose from among their multiple personalities. If they ever organize themselves and pass this socialist monstrosity, it likely will include higher taxes on tobacco and vape products.” (10/26/21)


  • Quantum Vibe, 10/26/21

    Source: Big Head Press
    by Scott Bieser

    Cartoon. (10/26/21)


  • Government Theft

    Source: The Racinian
    by Dave Kristopeit

    “As you may or may not know, civil asset forfeiture is the process whereby a government entity can take a citizens legally acquired property without even charging him with a crime. The only requirement is that the government entity must think that the property was acquired as a result of criminal activity. When property is seized through civil asset forfeiture it can be used by the government entity for their own use. Property such as cash, cars, homes, boats, and planes have been taken for government use from totally innocent citizens that must then prove the property was not acquired as the result of criminal activity to get it returned. The traditional legal requirement that a person is innocent until proven guilty does not apply to civil asset forfeiture.” (10/26/21)


  • Is Presidential Administration Harder for Republican Presidents?

    Source: Cato Institute
    by William Yeatman

    “Andrew Rudalevige’s By Executive Order: Bureaucratic Management and the Limits of Presidential Power is an important contribution to our understanding of modern policymaking. In particular, the book’s third chapter is a must‐​read for students of administrative law. In it, Rudalevige lifts the curtain on the intra‐​branch dynamics that lead to an executive order (EO) making it to the president’s desk — or not. More concretely, he describes an OMB‐​administered ‘central clearance’ process to manage the development of EOs, involving push and pull from across the executive branch.” (10/26/21)