Time to Buy a New Toolbox

Source: CounterPunch
by John Kendall Hawkins

“Stasi Officer: What do you have to tell us? Citizen: I’ve done nothing. I know nothing. Officer: You’ve done nothing, know nothing. You think we imprison people on a whim? Citizen: No — Officer: — If you think our humanistic system capable of such a thing that alone would justify your arrest. Scene from The Lives of Others (2006) The above snippet of an interrogation scene from the film, The Lives of Others, speaks volumes about the relationship between the individual and the State in an authoritarian system of governance. … this is both background and prologue to the small, but important narrative that Jessica Bruder and Dale Maharidge tell, tag-team style, in Snowden’s Box: Trust in the Age of Surveillance (Verso 2020).” (05/28/21)