Santa Ana police union thugs up to their old tricks against Councilmembers Lopez and Phan

Source: Orange County Register
by Sal Rodriguez

“The Santa Ana police union is at it again. On Tuesday, Voice of OC’s Brandon Pho reported the Santa Ana Police Officers Association has started recall campaigns against two councilmembers for daring to represent their constituents instead of bowing to the police union. ‘It comes after a majority of council members last month approved a 3% pay raise for police officers and slashed the arrangement for their union’s president, Gerry Serrano, of full-time release from police work while he steered the association,’ Pho reported. The two council members targeted by the police union are Jessie Lopez and Thai Viet Phan. ‘All they (police union leaders) care about is having council members vote exactly how they want, when they want and that’s just not who I am,’ Phan told Voice of OC.” (01/24/23)