US Court Awards $153 Million to Miami Man Jailed in Venezuela

Source: NBC Miami

“A federal judge in Miami has awarded $153 million in damages to the family of an exiled Venezuelan lawyer lured back home by his father’s kidnapping only to end up imprisoned for two years on trumped up charges of working as a ‘financial terrorist’ undermining President Nicolas Maduro’s rule. Carlos Marron brought the lawsuit after fleeing Venezuela and describing to The Associated Press the beatings, asphyxiation and other abuse he claims to have suffered while detained. … he had been arbitrarily detained for allegedly operating a website that published the black-market exchange rate of Venezuela’s erratic bolivar for U.S. dollars, something the socialist government considered a crime. … Judge Federico Moreno issued a default judgment against Maduro and five other insiders — including his Attorney General Tarek William Saab and former Supreme Court President Maikel Moreno — for failing to respond to the lawsuit.” (01/24/23)