Biden Document Discovery Doesn’t Add Up

Source: Real Clear Politics
By Greg Orman

“Last week, CBS ‘Face the Nation’ host Margaret Brennan asked Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman why President Biden would dispatch his personal attorney, who didn’t have proper security clearance, to his Delaware home to search for classified documents. Presumably, Brennan believed that when searching for classified documents, one should have the credentials to actually read them. Brennan’s focus on who was reviewing Biden’s papers touched on a potentially interesting line of inquiry. The question hanging in the air, however, relates to the discovery that started this whole process: Why would lawyers be ‘packing up’ Biden’s office in the Penn Biden Center in the first place? … someone who considered himself ‘middle-class Joe’ for decades should realize the wastefulness of having lawyers perform a task that a trusted intern or aide could perform.” (01/24/23)