Biden’s blame-shifting excuses for classified documents make scandal worse

Source: New York Post
by Andrew C McCarthy

“President Biden, who ‘people know takes classified information very seriously,’ maintains, through counsel, that his illegal retention of classified documents in multiple unauthorized private locations (so far, his private office, his garage, various areas of one of his homes, etc.) was an unfortunate case of their being ‘inadvertently misplaced.’ But inadvertent misplacement is not a defense to felony mishandling of national defense intelligence by an official who has been entrusted with it. The prosecutor needs only to prove that the accused was grossly negligent in, for example, removing the intelligence from its secure government location, retaining it in an unauthorized place, and allowing it to be exposed to persons who were not authorized to see it. It is thus peculiar to hear Biden apologists continue to repeat the ‘inadvertence’ talking point..” (01/24/23)