Roundup Caused Her Cancer, but Bayer Won’t Pay Because She’s an Undocumented Farmworker, Lawsuit Says

Source: In These Times
by Sky Chadde

“Litigation over Roundup (the main ingredient of which, glyphosate, likely causes cancer) has had a long tail. And the latest lawsuit involving the once ubiquitous household weed killer dropped Jan. 18. In 2020, Bayer announced a $10 billion settlement over claims Roundup caused cancer. One claimant was a farmworker in Virginia, according to the lawsuit filed by Public Citizen, a nonprofit organization focused on corporate and government accountability. She said she was exposed while working for years with the weed killer on tree farms. Originally, she was given the chance to settle using the same program that many plaintiffs used to receive payments from Bayer, but she was then rebuffed, according to the lawsuit. Because she was not a U.S. citizen, like many farmworkers, she did not qualify, according to the lawsuit.” (01/24/23)