How Third Parties Die

Source: Reason
by Jesse Walker

“The Libertarian Party has always been fractious, but its infighting has intensified since the Mises Caucus, a faction opposed to ‘wokeism,’ took control of the organization. Many of the party’s more socially liberal members have exited since the takeover — and in some cases, they’re trying to take the party’s state affiliates with them. In New Mexico, two rival groups, one of them attached to the national organization, claim to be the real Libertarian Party. A similar conflict is playing out in Massachusetts. And in Virginia, the dissidents announced that they were dissolving the party entirely. At press time, the national Libertarian Party was working on assembling a new Virginia affiliate. We don’t know who will ultimately control these institutions. But we do know what it looks like when a political party’s branches start to go their own way.” (for publication 02/23)