NV: Pols to consider bill allowing noncitizens to serve on police forces

Source: Fox News

“Nevada is considering a bill that would allow noncitizens who live in the state and pass a background check to serve as police officers amid staffing shortages. Assembly Bill 30, which is sponsored by the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs, will be considered during the next session of the Nevada Assembly. If passed and signed by Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo, a former sheriff, the bill would make approximately 140,000 green card holders and up to 15,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in the state eligible to attend police academy and join police forces in the state. AB 30 was filed in November on behalf of the City of North Las Vegas, which became the first city in the state to permit noncitizens to enroll in their youth explorers program for young people interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, according to local affiliate FOX5.” (01/23/23)